Less than a decade ago, World Bank indicated the need to produce 40 to 50 million jobs in Nigeria by 2030 to sustain the country’s growing economy. Today, Nigeria holds the position of the largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa; and its economy is projected to grow by 2.9% between 2023 and 2025. That’s why more older Nigerians are pursuing online degrees to bolster their learning and advance their careers. However, as there are hundreds of degree options to choose from, applicants don’t know which ones have the best ROI.

This blog can help you find the best-paying employment opportunities in Nigeria via distance learning:

Legal Studies (LLBs & LLMs)

If you wish to become a barrister or solicitor, this degree can easily make you a millionaire if you know where to apply for a job. Lawyers are some of Nigeria’s best-paid professionals, with those working for companies, such as Nigerian Breweries, earning half a million naira a month.

Tax attorneys and divorce lawyers will make more than other types of barristers. Law remains a competitive field in Nigeria, and lawyers are arguably the most marketable professionals in the Giant of Africa.

Software Development (BSE)

Western education allowed Nigerian Americans to become the most educated African immigrants in the US. Now, the same opportunities are available to Nigerian citizens who wish to leverage distance learning for advanced education. Data shows that one-third of Nigerian women have advanced their careers via online learning. Now, you can also boost your learning online to land lucrative jobs. Search online to find correct information about the top 10 best paying jobs in Nigeria and degree options.

You’ll see that many Nigerians are pursuing software development remotely and earning ₦1.8 to ₦1.9 million a year. Software engineering and development are some of the best jobs for future Nigerians. You can get your bachelor’s degree online and seek a job in many software houses in Lagos.

Surgery & Medicine

Neurosurgeons in Nigeria are some of the most sought-after and well-paid professionals right now. An experienced and well-certified neurosurgeon will make over ₦6 million a year working in Nigerian hospitals. Similarly, heart, plastic, and vascular surgeons pay higher than standard jobs.

If you become a pharmacist, you’ll earn over 10 million nairas working in this field.

Anesthetic Nursing (CRNA)

Nursing science remains a well-respect major throughout the planet, and many youngsters are drawn to it by the sheer respect RNs earn worldwide. These healthcare professionals act as doctors’ assistants and contribute to patient empowerment. However, certain nursing professions, such as nurse lawyers, nurse practitioners, and nurse anesthetists, make more than average RNs in Nigeria. Nurse anesthetists make ₦1.6 million a year by administering anesthesia during surgical procedures.

You can become a Nigerian nurse anesthetist by starting as a registered nurse and then obtaining your license under the N&MCN.

Petroleum Engineering (BSc/MSc)

Right now, Nigeria is seeing a surge in its “oil money,” with its petroleum revenue up by 46% in 2020. That’s why many Nigerian youngsters want to study petroleum engineering. As the oil and gas industry is a major employer in Nigeria, you should consider pursuing a course in petroleum online.

Surveys show that entry-level salaries in the oil industry revolve around half a million naira. Also, with a little experience, you can earn a million NGN annually. But experienced petroleum engineers easily make more than ₦4 million working in this booming economy.

Agricultural Science (BAg/BSAg)

Some experts present civil engineering as the most lucrative career for up-and-coming Nigerians. However, earning 70 to 350 thousand NGN a month, agriculture scientists seem to be at an advantage. As food security looms over Africa, the agriculture sector appears to be ripe for market-led growth in Nigeria. So, more people are investing in farming rice/cassava and rearing goats and sheep.

Some say that agriculture is Nigeria’s new oil, and statistics agree with this pronouncement.

Aeronautics Engineering (BSAE)

Yes, aeronautics engineering is a lucrative career to pursue in Nigeria right now. With their unique expertise, aerospace engineers can make anywhere between ₦2 to ₦4 million a year. You can finish your bachelor’s in aeronautics online, after which you may apply for a job in the military, government sector, contract agencies, and even educational institutes. Nigeria’s aviation industry is becoming a lucrative sector attracting the world’s attention.

Business Administration (MBA)

MBAs are valued worldwide, and Nigeria’s no exception. There’s no age limit for folks pursuing a degree in business administration, and online MBAs are worth every single penny. Statistics show that MBAs make ₦932,000 a year, 80% higher than the sub-Saharan country’s national average salary. With the highest number of startups in Africa in 2022, Nigeria is ideal for native MBA graduates.

You can also enter digital marketing with an MBA or even start your own business.

Accounting & Finance

If you wish to study accounting and finance, this field is much sought-after in Nigeria’s current economy. As Nigeria’s federal government aims to add 21 million full-time jobs in areas such as social infrastructure by 2025, accounting-related employment opportunities are sure to come your way. All you need to do is to prepare yourself with an online degree in accounting and finance.

Accountants earn ₦1.4 million working across different industries. Chartered accountants will make a whopping 3 million NGN with their advanced learning. Banking associates get 4.4 million nairas, even more than other financial experts. So, like MBAs, finance grads are in demand in Nigeria today.


This blog helps you familiarize yourself with some of Nigeria’s best-paying careers. The services sector will create millions of jobs in the Giant of Africa by 2030, a gospel for many Nigerians looking to boost their careers via online education. Go through the information mentioned in this blog and learn about the best jobs available in the sub-Saharan country. Collect all the information you can, and only then you’ll be able to make an informed decision about your future in your country.

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