Online shopping offers convenience, but it can come with its share of pitfalls. Zohvofitness, an online store selling leggings for an astonishing $3, has garnered attention, especially on TikTok. However, before you take the plunge, let’s dive into the concerning aspects of that should make you think twice about shopping there.

Zohvo Fitness Leggings Red Flags: Reasons To Be Wary

TikTok Complaints & Reviews

Influencers on TikTok who ordered from have shared their experiences, and they aren’t favorable. Some received just one pair of leggings, while others received nothing despite their efforts to contact the brand.

Quality Concerns

Zohvo’s high-waisted seamless leggings have faced criticism for their quality. Customers report that the leggings lose their shape after just a couple of wears, and there are concerns about shoddy craftsmanship.

Missing Business Address neglects to provide a physical business address, which raises questions about the legitimacy of the store. Without an address, customers have no clear way to reach out for returns or inquiries about their orders.

Dubious Claims

The website falsely claims that Zohvo has been in operation since 2019. However, a closer look reveals that the domain ‘’ was registered in March 2023 and is set to expire in March 2024, casting doubt on the brand’s history.

Limited Customer Support

With only an email address, ‘,’ provided for contact, customers have reported receiving no responses to their inquiries, highlighting inadequate customer support.

Unrealistic Discounts

Leggings typically retail between $10 and $20, with occasional discounts as low as $8. Zohvofitness offers leggings for an unbelievable $3, a discount that seems too good to be true and raises suspicions about the product’s authenticity.

Questionable Refund Policy

While claims to offer a 30-day refund policy, it places the burden of return shipping costs on customers, which can be expensive.

What Happens When You Shop At follows a pattern: it accepts payment, sends confirmation emails and tracking details, but fails to deliver the expected number of leggings. In some cases, customers receive nothing even after waiting for months.

Is A Scam?

Considering the lack of a business address, customer complaints, incredibly low prices, recent domain registration, and absence on social media, appears highly suspicious. It raises concerns about being a scam, with reports of poor product quality and unfulfilled orders.

Is PayPal Safe For Zohvofitness Purchases?

Using PayPal does not guarantee complete safety. Some fraudulent stores exploit PayPal’s system by providing unrelated tracking numbers, making it challenging to dispute transactions. While PayPal offers some protection, it’s not foolproof.

What To Do If You’ve Already Shopped At Zohvo Fitness?

If you doubt a Zohvofitness scam, contact your bank or financial institution immediately to cancel the transaction. If the transaction is already completed, file a dispute claim. Additionally, secure your credit card information, especially if you’ve used the same account elsewhere.


Zohvofitness exhibits numerous red flags that raise doubts about its legitimacy. The risks associated with shopping here include receiving poor-quality products, encountering unresponsive customer support, and potentially not receiving your order at all. It’s advisable to steer clear of this store and exercise caution when shopping online.

Protecting Yourself From Online Shopping Scams

Online shopping fraud is on the rise, making it crucial to safeguard your interests. Follow these steps: verify the domain’s age, confirm the physical location, read customer reviews, and validate the website’s authenticity before making any purchases. Stay vigilant and shop safely in the digital realm.

Remember, a little caution can go a long way when navigating the world of online shopping.


  1. How can I determine if an online store is trustworthy?

To ensure an online store’s credibility, look for clear business addresses, functional customer support contacts, reasonable pricing, security features, and customer reviews.

  1. What steps should I take if I suspect I’ve made a purchase from a scam website?

If you suspect a scam, monitor your financial accounts closely for any unauthorized transactions. Consider reporting your concerns to your bank, credit card company, or consumer protection agencies. Document all interactions with the website for evidence.

  1. Are there tools or websites to help check the legitimacy of online stores like Zohvofitness?

Yes, there are online tools and websites that can assist you in evaluating the legitimacy of online stores. You can use WHOIS lookup tools to examine domain registration information and read reviews on consumer protection websites to learn from other’s experiences with the store in question.

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