With the days slowly getting shorter and the warm weather slowly drifting into the past, it’s likely to be an unusual winter this year. Experts predict that lockdowns may be reimposed on a local level as districts and states experience higher infection rates in the cold weather, and the coronavirus, combined with the cold, forces inside for longer.

In light of this unusual winter, it’s a wonderful time to refocus on your household interior, dreaming up new ways to make your home look stunning this year. This guide will help you plan that winter makeover for your home.


One of the most important steps in planning your home makeover for the winter is to see how much money you have to set aside for the venture. If you’ve been saving during this year and spending less money than usual on your lifestyle, then you might have some savings to throw at your home improvement project. If you’re low on cash, this is the time to put a little money aside each week to spend on your renovations. Budget especially for:

  • The materials you’ll buy
  • Any household appliances and furniture you’d like to purchase
  • The hired workers who will help you refurbish your home
  • Fees associated with taking out items to the trash or the dump in your local area

Although being strict about how much you spend is important if you want to ensure that your budget gets put to good use, start considering whether a more expensive renovation will offer better benefits in the long run. For example, your utility bills are likely to be very expensive all year round, but especially during winter. Switching to a eurosun solar hot water system would be very beneficial and could allow you to save money long into the future and, therefore, is worth the investment. Consider this when deciding your budget, and you should have a positive outcome.

Having factored all your costs into a budget, it’s time to start planning for your household makeover this winter.

Finding Cheap Upgrades

What you’re looking to achieve, overall, is to upgrade the interior of your home. If you’ve been staring forlornly at shabby couches for years, this is the time to have them removed and upgraded with a finer set of chairs for your living room. The same can be said of your wallpaper, your floors, and everything that is a little old and faded in your home.

But, when you’re looking at all these upgrades, there’s a strong incentive to save cash. You want to find discounted goods that’ll keep you well within your budget, affording you more upgrades for your buck. Use Kohls coupons to keep you operating within your budgetary limits when shopping for home upgrades online.

Doing It Yourself

Because this winter is likely to be different from winters in the past, it’s important to recognize that you’ll have more time on your hands than usual, and you may well be working remotely, from home for much of the winter period. This means you’ll be able to focus more than ever before on DIY projects, which will save you cash by performing household refurbishments on your own and without the help of hired tradesmen.

Make your house makeover your own by slowly learning the skills necessary to ‘do it yourself’ when it comes to repapering your walls, cleaning or replacing your floors, putting up shelves, and building items of furniture. For those who enjoy a creative project, this winter promises to be a fun and exciting one for home renovations.

There you have it: three phases to consider when you’re planning your winter home makeover in the late part of this unusual year.

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