That quaint 800 square-foot apartment is your cozy retreat after a dizzying day at the office. But a few months after settling in, that once spotless apartment looks more like a disaster zone.

Mountains of dirty laundry and towels.

Random knick-knacks shoved into the junk drawer.

A cluttered bathtub filled with half-empty shampoo bottles.

It’s time to overhaul your space and make it ready for the Super Bowl, Friday game night, or a springtime brunch. This is your full guide to reorganizing your apartment once and for all!


The master bedroom is supposed to be a stress-free zone where you can unwind after a mentally exhausting shift. If you want to cozy up this homey retreat, you need to do far more than clear a path between the bed and closet.

Under-Bed Storage Bins

Is your closet a mish-mash of your seven favorite V-necks, trendy skinny jeans, and three-piece suits you save for special occasions? Stuff those rarely worn clothes, family heirlooms, and old linens in a low bin to shove under the bed and out of view.

Or, loft your bed like the dorm room days and slide your desk beneath the overhang.

Separated Laundry Hampers

Laundry is arguably the most mind-numbing chore. No one enjoys separating darks, lights, and towels before starting a load. A three-layer laundry sorter will neaten up your hamper and keep your clothing divided.

Closet Organization

A spotless closet will prevent your morning routine from extending into your non-negotiable coffee time. Sort your hung clothing by season (winter through summer), category (casual vs. black-tie formal), or color (use a color wheel as a guide). Donating clothes that no longer fit can free up extra space while fulfilling your daily good deed.

Drawer Dividers

Does your sock, bra, or underwear drawer look like a tornado just rolled through? Wood drawer organizers are like mini-cubbies for your most intimate apparel. Install these flexible dividers in your bureau to keep matching dress socks together and your boxer briefs from intermingling with your rolled undershirts.

Cubbies & Wall Hooks

Any clothing or accessories that don’t fit into your closet or under your bed don’t necessarily need the ax. Instead, store your shoes in stacked wicker or fabric cubbies and hang bucket hats and sports caps on wall hooks.


With face cleansers, hair gels, toilet paper rolls, and what seems like Sephora’s entire makeup line, there’s no counter space to spare in that 40 square-foot bathroom. Get ready to declutter the bathroom without tossing your beauty essentials.

Shower Caddy

The average-sized bathtub will fit about eight bottles before reaching uncomfortably cluttered territory. Avoid those loud shampoo fall-ins by hanging a three-level metal shower caddy from the head. Not only can you separate the skin exfoliators from the deep conditioners, but these free-hanging caddies also reduce grimy buildup.

Above-Toilet Storage

When hidden storage space is low and the under-sink cabinet is full, the alternative is finding room elsewhere. Welcome, the free-standing over-toilet storage cabinet for hand towels, cleaners, and toilet paper. Continue your bathroom’s rare vintage style with a distressed wood cabinet or triple-layer farmhouse-themed ladder.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are a modern trend that stands the test of time for their tame, minimalist style. Line up a row on the bathroom counter to separate cotton swabs, makeup brushes, or floss picks. Twist on a brass top and stick some fancy labels on them to finish off the look.


That eat-in kitchen is always a crowd-pleaser when you cook an authentic Italian feast of penne vodka, biscotti, and all. But discovering your inner chef means overstocking your cabinets and refrigerator with pots, spices, and fresh ingredients.

Pot Rack Organizers

By pure coincidence, the only time the cast iron skillet sits beneath dozens of other pots is on scrambled egg day. Keep those clunky pots and pans neatly organized with five-tier racks, pull-out drawers, or under-cabinet pan hangers.

Mini Lazy Susans (Turntables)

No kitchen cabinet loses its organization as quickly as the one dedicated to spices and oils. Mini cabinet turntables are affordable, and they’ll make it easy to find the correct ingredient without digging through your stash. Spin, remove, sprinkle, and enjoy!

When In Doubt, Hang It Up

When your cabinets and pantry reach capacity, your last-resort option is hanging items. Clean up the joint with mug racks, mesh wall spice racks, industrial pipe pot racks, or under-sink chemical storage rods. It’s the perfect balance between pleasing clutter and stress-free cooking and baking.

Living Room

The living room is the first to reach “disaster zone” status, with empty soda cans and half-read magazines joining your official room decor. Livening up the joint means finding a delicate balance between warmth and organization.

A Waste Basket

Skin-piercing crumbs aside, turning the living room into a “food-free zone” prevents you from enjoying a pizza while you watch a movie. Don’t be a buzzkill! Wedging a slim, two-gallon wastebasket between the sofa and end table can keep paper plates and chip bags from cluttering the coffee table or attracting roaches.

Creative Furniture Storage Solutions

With so few aesthetic storage opportunities available, the living room becomes a grab bag for “homeless” items. Stash those unsightly must-haves, like an Xbox controller or laptop chargers, in a discrete yet plush storage ottoman. Or, keep your device remotes and fountain pen within reach with a convenient armrest organizer.

A “Random Stuff” Basket

If you’re dead set on living room power naps and refuse to hop off the throw pillow train, piling them in the dusty corner is a no-go. A deep-set wicker basket beside the couch is the perfect home for those fleece blankets and decorative pillows. Bonus points if the basket has handles for a quick trip to the laundry room.

Organize Wires

Messy, tangled wires represent the digital age in a nutshell, but when the WiFi router disconnects, good luck finding the correct cable on the first go-round. Zippered sleeves, cable raceways, or even dollar store zip ties can neaten up that disaster behind the TV. Labeling cables with colorful tags can tame that disorganized mess.


Tidying up and decluttering that one-bedroom apartment can relieve stress and leave you in the running to host the next Thanksgiving feast. Cleaning is one thing, but keeping it organized is a totally different beast.

The solution is a regular cleaning routine. It might look something like this:

  • Daily: Piling dirty dishes in the sink, gathering trash in the living room, and running the dishwasher.
  • Weekly: Vacuuming carpets, dusting and wiping down hard surfaces (including high shelves and nooks and crannies), and doing laundry.
  • Monthly: Cleaning windows (inside and out), dedicating an afternoon to all-around sprucing up, and deep-cleaning those crusty kitchen appliances.

With these fifteen tips (and some cleaning advice) up your sleeve, it’s time for a Target visit or Amazon shopping spree.

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