Car accidents are shocking, unfortunate events that can have multiple legal, financial, and health-related effects. No matter how much we prefer to avoid them, one can always get entangled in them involuntarily. In today’s fast-paced life, there is this ever-increasing possibility of car accidents lurking just around the next corner. We frequently hear about our relatives or colleagues experiencing car accidents, and much to everybody’s dismay, these accidents can be an unpleasantly prominent factor of the daily, busy life. Car accidents can be caused by a multitude of reasons. Often, you get involved in a car accident without any fault on your part. The other driver might be distracted and cause an accident. Other common causes include overspeeding or other violations of traffic rules. However, one of the most shocking and oft-happening causes of car accidents is driving under influence (DUI). DUI accidents happen frequently and are a common cause of distress for most drivers on the receiving end.

Although we have witnessed many car accidents in our life, it is an entirely different phenomenon to be involved in one. The shock and psychological trauma can be extremely overwhelming. God forbid, if you are ever hit by a person driving under influence, the chances are that the shock will leave you at a loss for what to do next. The sudden occurrence or any possible physical injury might leave you perplexed and unable to think in a rational and logical manner. Here are a few tips on what to do.

1. Contact A Lawyer

Once you have pulled yourself together, you will have to take care of any injury you may have received. If you’re hit by a drunk driver and have received any personal injury or damage to your car and need recompensation for it, it is advisable to contact a lawyer for DUI victims as soon as possible. DUI accidents are a complicated legal matter having significant financial and judicial repercussions for the offender. As a victim, you are protected by legal provisions, and your lawyer will guide you through the subsequent procedures. The lawyer will also lead you through the reporting processes, the requisite paperwork, educate you about your legal rights as a DUI victim, and inform you about the possible legal remedies available to you in such situations. It is always better to consult a lawyer before taking any steps as they are a specialized consultant having thorough practical experience in dealing with such issues.

2. Call Rescue Services

Immediately after the accident, you should take certain steps while at the site of the accident. The first action is to ascertain your physical safety and make sure that you have not been injured. In the case of any injury, you should call the rescue services as soon as possible. If you have no serious injuries, then you should look for your fellow commuters in the car. Assist them in receiving medical care if any one of them has sustained injuries or wounds.

3. Get To A Safe Location

Next, you should examine the condition of your car and see if it can be removed from the road. If your car poses a danger for the other drivers on the road, move it to a safe place to not cause additional accidents. However, if your car cannot be moved, try to forewarn the other drivers through your hazard lights.

4. Contact Law Enforcement

Once you have informed the police, either the police will arrive at the accident site and prepare an accident report, or you will be required to fill the accident report yourself and submit it to the authority. Make sure you have all the correct information. You should also get the other driver’s insurance company name as well as the insurance policy identification number for subsequent formalities.

5. Secure Evidence

In the case of a person driving under influence, you should try to gather incriminating evidence in order to strengthen your claim for damages. You can make a video of the DUI offender in order to document the exact reason for the accident. You should also look around for any witnesses who may have seen the car accident and can testify against the offender. Remember that DUI is, in fact, a criminal act, and criminal charges can be pressed against the guilty person.

Stay Vigilant, Stay Safe

Although car accidents are unavoidable in some instances, they definitely can be taxing, both emotionally and physically. Some accidents are fatal, and others may cause immense physical injuries. The financial damage can be compensated, but it can take years for someone to completely recover from the physical injuries. It is always important to be extremely vigilant while driving, and one must not drive under influence at any cost. It can put several lives in jeopardy. May you have safe trips and accident-free drives!

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