When considering the Citadel Boss 25 for your home defense requirements, you might wonder what it is about having a shotgun that makes it a suitable option. Considering the fact that you also have handguns and carbines to choose from, what is it that makes shotguns preferable?

The statement that shotguns are best for home defense does come with a caveat – that it does depend on where you live and what your home is like. So, in order to provide some clarity on the subject, let’s take a look at what we mean. 

Multiple Projectiles 

While the Citadel Boss 25 does have an uber-cool AR15-style design, it’s still shotgun. What this means is that it doesn’t just fire a single round, but rather a group of projectiles on each trigger pull. No other weapons do this, at least, nowhere near as effectively as a shotgun. 

Contrary to popular belief, the shotgun spread is not quite as wide as people think, especially in the confines of a home. You’re only talking about a few inches if that, so it’s hardly a fire-and-forget weapon that doesn’t require much aiming.

Rather than spread being the advantage of shot, it’s actually stopping power, as a cluster of pellets like this can knock anyone off their feet. Compare that to a scenario where a crazed intruder just keeps coming at you, despite the fact you’ve already shot him 2 or 3 times. 

He’s very unlikely to keep coming after you’ve fired a Citadel Boss 25 round at him. Believe it or not, you sometimes have to fire between 3-6 9mm slugs to take a person down. Hit someone in the body at close range with a shotgun and the result is very different. 

You Don’t Need Tons Of Rounds

There are some out there that see the limited round capacity of a shotgun as being a major drawback when talking about home defense, but with this much power at your disposal, you often don’t need too many cartridges to deal with the situation.

You could argue that the size of a Boss 25 would make it quite cumbersome as a home protection weapon, but it does make it easy to find in an emergency. 

It does also offer something of an intimidation factor when compared to a handgun, meaning that it sometimes leads to no one shooting and the intruder running away. 

For Some The Citadel Boss 25 Is The Best Home Defense Option

When you bring it down to its basic elements, home defense is about survival. This means that most often the best thing to do is to get yourself hidden or in a defensive position and call the cops.

That’s when shotguns come into their own, as there’s nothing more likely to keep everyone safe than when you get yourself hunkered down and ready for what’s coming. 

Is it the best option for everyone? No, but it’s absolutely one that should be considered.

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