If you are already on board with the whole ‘motorcycles are better value than cars’ thing, then you don’t need any convincing whatsoever. In fact, the chances are, just like car drivers, even if bikes were more expensive to run than cars, you’d still do your own thing anyway; If you are a car drive and, you’re still reading then make the most of your time, try to be open minded, read on and make your mind up afterwards. Even if you agree, it doesn’t mean that you have to go out and buy a bike, although it wouldn’t be a bad idea;

Improve Your Physical Health

For those that don’t own, or ride a motorcycle, it can be easy to dismiss them and perhaps think that they aren’t as safe as a car, which isn’t entirely wrong. At least with a car you’ve got a metal shell protecting you although a car doesn’t do much for your health, whereas a bike takes a lot of physical effort to get it to manoeuvre.

As such, you’ll be getting a workout every time you go for a spin to Wheels Motorcycles, how strenuous your workout is will all depend upon how fast you go and how powerful your bike is. Some need arms and legs of steel just to stay on the thing as it accelerates, or brakes.

Gain A Better Peace Of Mind

If you’ve experienced the feeling of being on the open road on a motorbike, then you’ll know precisely how it can feel, although it’s a little difficult to explain. Something happens when you are one with your machine and able to go almost wherever you please, it’s probably something to do with freedom or the feeling of.

Look After It & It Should Hold Its Value Better

Depending upon the make and model you go for, generally speaking, bikes are better at retaining their purchase value as opposed to cars which leak money as soon as they leave the forecourt. If you become good at maintaining your bike and doing your own services, then you can save a small fortune, not to mention the fuel economy savings too.

There are fewer moving parts to so, learning how to strip certain parts down, regreasing them and then putting them back together again should be a bit easier as well as saving you money. Some bikes are worth more now than they were when they were first introduced some 20-30 years ago, if you choose wisely, you could end up reaping the rewards, some years down the line.

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