Luxury cars from the likes of Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati are in a completely different league of their own. Each of these prestigious brands has decades of history, quality and class associated with them, so luxury car enthusiasts will always have a special soft spot for these prestigious brands.

That being said, auto enthusiasts may not like a Ferrari for the same reasons they may love a Maserati. Focussing on the 105-year old luxury car brand from Italy that predates both Ferrari and Lamborghini by decades, we are going to now discuss a few reasons why a Maserati should be your next car, assuming you are one of the few who can afford to buy one.

The Brand Has A Unique Design Element

It’s a debatable point for sure, as car enthusiasts can identify different models from top car manufacturers quite easily. However, Maserati has always had a way of standing out with perfect grace and beauty. This isn’t just true for its brand identity mind you, but it’s also true for each one of its models as well.

One can always tell a Maserati Ghibli apart from a Levante, despite the two being in roughly the same price category. Then of course, the GranTurismo Sport is an iconic design for sports cars that needs no special introduction. To get a better idea of what we are talking about, just pay a visit to the Maserati dealership in Los Angeles, and check out the stunning models of 2020 – 21 for yourself. In fact, the Maserati dealership site in Los Angeles has multiple lucrative, Fall Special offers going on right now that can help you own a GT Convertible with 0% finance.

A Safer Car

In the earlier days, a few models from Maserati did indeed suffer from reliability issues, but those days are now mostly behind them. However, even during those days, Maserati always manufactured the safest cars. Today however, their models come as a comparatively complete package, both in regards to safety and reliability.

Maserati Does Not Sacrifice On Quality At Entry Level

Not many can afford to buy a GranTurismo Sport or Convertible, and neither can just anyone buy a Maserati Ghibli either! However, a Ghibli or a Levante are comparatively more feasible for a larger number of car enthusiasts, than the Italian brand’s top of the line sports cars. Why people love Maserati in this particular segment is because of their attention to class, design and detail, even at the entry level.

For example, if we take a look at the Porsche Macan series, it is the brand’s cheapest car and arguably, looks the part as well! For a luxury car that costs more than $62,000+ on-road, it just doesn’t look like a true Porsche. On the other hand, the Maserati Ghibli 2021 is a sight to behold.

The luxury sedan looks every bit a Maserati as its more expensive cousins, even though it is the cheapest model from the brand that is available in the market today. It shows that Maserati cares for all their products and not just their top of the line selection of cars.

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