The human brain is a marvelous mystery. The exterior of a person is hardly an indicator of capabilities harnessed by the brain of the individual. Some psychologists and motivational experts would like to say that “anybody can achieve anything”, however, practical experiences depict a different trend. Hard work, interest and motivation may make a student achieve success in any field, however, the degree of effort varies from person to person. The field of coding is no different than others in this aspect. Some students can “Nail it” with little effort, and some of them slog hard for countless hours and sweat it out to achieve lesser output. We shall have a look at the possible reasons for this anomaly between two types of coding learners.

Background Or Prior Knowledge Makes A Difference

Some students may have had an initial brush with coding during elementary school years. It may be with easier programming languages like BASIC, Logo, or C. Interests cultivated during formation years remain with us for life. Hence, when a student learns a tougher programming language, the exposure to initial concepts of coding helps a lot in grasping the architecture and concepts.  This bunch of students finds coding easier. On the other hand, students with no prior knowledge of computer languages, machine-level structures, and the importance of coding, often end up getting intimidated by the sudden burden of coding fundamentals. The approach to coding becomes defensive right from the first lesson. Coding remains a difficult subject for them, till their mind is trained to get familiar with the concept or till they start enjoying the challenge. Some experts say that this also has a linkage to proficiency in subjects like mathematics and reasoning, however, there has been no evidence of such theories. 

Interest Levels In Programming Languages & Coding

In every institution, there are a bunch of students who do not have a background or basic exposure to programming or even computers. But after joining the programming language course, the mentioned students do much better compared to others. The hard work may be one of the reasons for it, but the main cause of effort is the interest level. We have a tendency of putting more effort and keeping our approach positive towards the subjects we like the most. When a student believes that a particular subject will make him reach his or her career goal, then they make special efforts to learn it. Eventually, they start finding it easy. On the other hand, if you keep on saying to yourself “I find Coding so boring”, chances are, you will find it difficult to handle too.

Logic & Reasoning Skills Connection To Programming

Sometimes learning to code involves the design of a program flow through step-by-step procedures. The basic logic and reasoning skills often come to the rescue while designing such programs or while troubleshooting them. It has been found that some students who are not proficient in logic derivation or resolving reasoning problems, also find coding to be difficult. Although this is a natural trait, it is not taught directly in schools. However, the personal experience of many programmers says that being good in logic and reasoning helps in programming especially while debugging errors.

Ability To Toggle Between Micro & Macro Aspects Of Programming

This is a virtue that comes with perseverance, practice, and patience. When you are a programmer, you need to be looking at the bigger picture(output), and simultaneously working on the minute details of the code as well. Without batting an eyelid, you will have to learn to toggle between a sandbox and actual interfaces. This kind of multitasking is not possible for everyone. Those who can master these skills, find the coding part easy.

Believe You Can Do It & You Are Halfway Done

Not only programming, but while learning any new skill, self-confidence, and belief play an important role in re-wiring your brain. Once you have the belief that the subject will be within your grip with the right amount of practice and effort, the chances of mastering the subject become brighter. On the other hand, these questions kill the confidence levels and impact performance- whether I will be able to understand the complex coding? Or, Whether I am capable enough to handle the subject independently? 

Right Guidance & Teaching

For any new student, this is probably the most critical point. It is often told that a good teacher can produce excellent results even from the weakest students. Vice versa, a mediocre teacher can spoil the grades and interest amongst the brightest of students. When a student is exposed to coding for the first time in their lives, they look upon the course instructor or teacher to make things easier for them. If the teacher can judge the pace of learning of each student correctly, then he/she can make them comfortable with the subject instantly. You can ask for online Programming Help and experts can assist you with proper guidance.

Necessity To Excel

Some students understand at a very early age that studying and coping with new subjects is the only way they can score well and finally get a good job and stable career. As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. Students in such a mental state keep their apprehensions about a subject aside and give their 100% to score well in all subjects. Often, results are also satisfactory in such cases. The major reason was the focus on the goal and due to their efforts, the journey became a bit easier. 

Whatever may be the reason for finding the subject easy or difficult, the students having any sort of difficulty in resolving their doubts for a programming language have helping hands available to support them and make them feel comfortable with the concepts. One such online expert is They have experts available round the clock to clarify your doubts, help you in your assignments and develop a solid understanding of the subject. 

Do not lose hope if you are finding coding difficult, with the right effort and belief in yourself, you can achieve success.

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