A messy and clutter-filled home can often feel like a stressful place to be, but it can sometimes be hard to know where to begin to make a change. However, taking the steps to declutter your home is often a rewarding and enjoyable process, and there’s nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction and relief that comes after it’s all done. Read on for some points about decluttering to inspire you and help you get started.

Go Through Your Wardrobe

Like many other women, you probably have a huge pile of clothing stuffed away at the back, filled with items that you no longer wear, fit into, or possibly even remember. If you’ve ever groaned in frustration that you have nothing to wear and wondered how on earth your wardrobe is still stuffed with items, this is probably the reason why.

So your wardrobe is often a great place to start the decluttering process. You may want to go through it all carefully and slowly, being extremely honest with yourself. It’s best not to hang on to any items that definitely do not fit – if they’re in good condition, they can instead be donated to a second-hand store, or sold online for some extra cash. Another great way of repurposing old clothing is by creating a custom blanket with old tees, such as the ones made by Myt-shirtblanket.com. This is a great way to hold onto your memories and favourite clothes without cluttering your wardrobe.

Invest In Good Storage

You can never have too much storage, and in fact, most of the time, we often don’t have enough. The result is having a messy home filled with objects that spill out of shelves, bookcases, and drawers, and it can be hard to keep track of what you have.

Having a methodical and well organised storage system can not only make your home feel neater and cleaner, but it can also help you keep everything you need at the tips of your fingers. You may want to do this room by room, going through what is needed in each area and finding ways to keep them accessible without letting them take over your space.

Decide Whether Or Not Something Is Meaningful

Over the course of our lives, we all accumulate all kinds of items, such as memorabilia from our travels, sentimental items from family homes and childhood, and objects and gifts from our various relationships, both romantic and platonic. Over time, these may not always be items we want to keep in our lives, as they can sometimes bring back disappointing or unhappy memories, so it’s worth carrying out a decisive review of what you really want to keep in your home.

This can be a complex and emotional task, so it’s best to take your time over it. You may want to think about each item individually and trust your instinct on whether it is something that evokes a positive or negative memory. After doing this, you can then decide on what’s worth passing on to a new home.

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