Are you working on training manuals? If you’ve worked with a company as a trainer or manager, you should be familiar with work manuals. Training materials or handbooks are available in digital and physical form. Trainers have to print them to ensure that trainees will participate in lectures and answer quizzes if necessary. There are times when you have to customize the training program to suit the current batch’s needs or add questions and answers. There are also times when updates happen, and you need to include them in the existing manual. Thus, this is why converting your MS Doc to PDF is necessary. Several reasons answer the need for conversion.

PDF Bear: Answers Your Conversion Needs

If you need to convert word to pdf free, then PDF Bear is your answer. Its interface is simple, and it gets the job done. Some people would like to have multiple tools on your browser bookmarks. But you don’t need that much. PDF Bear can convert, combine, add a number to each page, sign, and so much more. IT’s your go-to online PDF tool when you need something fast and secure.

Advantages Of Converting MS Doc Training Manuals To PDF

  1. PDF files prevent any alteration of text, lines, characters, or images. When your training manual is ready for distribution, you need to ensure that nothing is added or removed. Once this is finalized, you can use it as a digital or physical medium to do your training.
  2. PDF files are also secured. You can put an option on it as a “read-only” when you don’t want anyone copying your training materials. If a kid happens to wander on your desktop and start using the keys, then you are relieved that nothing can alter your files.
  3. Both desktop and mobile devices can access PDF files. This is great for people who want to review while on a commute to work or going home. PDF files retain their format even on a smaller screen and are very handy.
  4. PDF files retain the crisp images and characters of the source file. This is good when you are printing training materials. That is why PDF documents are used in things like online magazines and flyers, posters, and many more.

Converting Doc To PDF In Minutes

  1. Go to the official PDF Bear site using your browser.
  2. On the main page, choose “Word to PDF.”
  3. Clicking the button will open the tool site where you can upload your MS Doc file. The system will scan your documents, upload them, and then convert them to pdf.
  4. Your converted file is now available for download and distribution.

Your Training Materials Can Be Safe On The Cloud

PDF Bear pro allows you to store your documents on its cloud. Suppose you are converting training materials into PDF. In that case, the PDF files will remain in the database until you decide to delete or update them. The PDF Bear cloud is the most secure place to create a backup copy of your training materials. Note that in case something happens to your computer, your pdf files can still be downloaded anytime. Thus, this is why having PDF Bear pro is the right decision you can make for yourself as a trainer.

PDF Bear pro also offers customer service and technical support. As a trainer, this is crucial because it can help you save time, energy, and resources. If malware or virus has compromised your files, you can download your training materials courtesy of PDF Bear cloud storage.


Another great feature of the pro version is its capacity to handle unlimited uploads and downloads. If you are working on multiple tasks, then this is an added value. What if, for example, you are a teacher. You might be handling several classes and subjects. Having the capacity for unlimited conversions of files of various sizes is a good thing. This will speed up your productivity. Thus, this will also safeguard the institution you’re working for. Some documents need security, like patents, novels, or other things. Having PDF Bear pro will give you ease and peace of mind.

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