Australians love to wake up and enjoy their warm drink of choice to get their day underway after getting showered and dressed. It’s a tradition that millions follow as the body and mind tune in for what lies ahead. An opportunity to focus and feel good, with some even receiving an additional bonus when choosing a natural product which can have health benefits.

Coffee and tea remain popular, but there are alternatives, which those wanting to broaden their mind are enjoying in increasing numbers, which includes those who have turned to yerba mate tea to kick start their day, or simply relax with a cup of it when the opportunity arises.

The tea comes from South America, where it is drunk from a bowl through a straw, with mate, being pronounced as “matay”. It is a fantastic alternative to coffee, as it contains less caffeine and has a different effect when in the tea, offering balanced stimulants rather than a rush of them. Because it is enjoyed more slowly, the release is gradual and more enjoyable while additional ingredients are proven to be good for the blood flow and nervous system.

Being able to choose a drink with added vitamins is good for overall wellness with its rich composition and wonderful taste. Fortunately, there is a team that can provide this goodness and deliver it across the nation so that anyone can benefit and enjoy it. Energy reserves are increased as the metabolism is stimulated which means that an increasing number of athletes are turning to the drink. The support to the cardiovascular system and the chance to perform longer and better are natural attractions.

There is no need to add anything to the tea as it is enjoyed best in its most natural form. Sugar can be added by those wanting an extra boost, but its taste more than does the job. It is not unlike an intense green tea while those starting out with it, often prefer a weaker infusion to begin with. Drinking it in the same way as Argentinians and Brazilians to get its full value also adds fun and mystique which is good for the brain and positivity. It is an ethical alternative to mass-produced drinks and offers the chance to improve the life of the drinker.

Yerba mate tea is becoming increasingly popular through its unique taste and wide health benefits which include increased energy.

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