By reading this breakdown, you can learn more about two of the best project management software and some of their capabilities. Each one also has a free tier, making it simple to test them out before using them frequently. We also include user reviews to offer you a more thorough understanding of both solutions.

Trello vs Airtable An Overview

Trello is a project management tool that lets users view data arranged in a board structure with related cards. Users can also divide projects into lists that display the precise tasks that must be completed at distinct stages.

A cloud-based program for teams called Airtable combines the features of databases and spreadsheets. Airtable review also offers a no-code component that enables teams to create apps for their businesses without coding expertise.

Let’s Check The Features Of Trello vs Airtable

You’ll need information about each product’s features to support team operations when looking for the finest project management software. It is simpler to see what has been completed and what still has to be done with Airtable’s many interface display options. For instance, the calendar view might be the best choice if the project has multiple linked deadlines. A template library is also available, which can help users who use Airtable for various everyday tasks save time.

Additionally, Airtable enables collaboration while providing access to shared table data views. If employees of the organization need to access data on other platforms, the software has connectivity with Jira, Google Calendar, and other top products. They can also transfer data from one source to numerous places by using the Sync capability. That choice guarantees that each team has the information required to complete the assignment.

Trello and Airtable are comparable since the former has a feature that enables users to examine data in various formats, including a calendar format. By clicking on a Trello card to view the pertinent information, users can also acquire the specifics of jobs given to them. Cards may also contain reminders, file attachments, checklists, and more.

Link cards are a very recent addition to Trello. Users can embed content on a card to become an external link for quick access. In this manner, after receiving the required details, other team members won’t lose track of them.

What Are The Differences Between Airtable & Trello?

Between Trello and Airtable, there are some significant differences, mainly in the way they are marketed and how they are designed.

The availability of several perspectives is, in essence, where Trello and Airtable diverge. We all provide Kanban boards! Trello does not fully explore other project management techniques or present alternative viewpoints; it just provides Kanban boards.

Trello review cannot store as much data as Airtable can. To enable you more simply navigate through data and tasks using custom filters, the application provides several sorting tools. Trello, on the other hand, is a straightforward, Kanban-focused application for users who need to organize tasks as effectively as possible. Trello has several features centered around Kanban, specifically if you want to become a fan.

But what if you require a wide range of view choices, round-the-clock customer service, cost-effective options, and more? You are not dreaming; it is possible, and you deserve it! All of this is available through, but more on that later.

Trello vs Airtable – Price Comparison

Both platforms come with a freemium option. Although many SaaS businesses provide a free version of their product, very few of them can be integrated into a natural workflow. The free editions of Airtable and Trello are instrumental, with the majority of functionality accessible without even providing credit card information.

Both technologies will need to be paid for to scale projects for large teams or organizations, but small groups can use both without shelling out a monthly charge.

Pricing & Plans For Trello

The Trello plans, features, and prices are shown below: A detailed analysis of each plan

Free—most Trello’s basic plan is available without restrictions for an endless amount of time. However, the company’s website is silent regarding the maximum number of users per team. The free plan, however, imposes a ten board per team and 10 MB per file attachment limit to users.

Business class—Upgrading Trello’s business class plan gives teams access to countless boards. It also offers users guaranteed email customer assistance within one business day. However, there is still a 250 MB file attachment limit, and users must pay $9.99 per person per month.

Enterprise: For larger teams, Trello’s enterprise package provides the same capabilities as its business class plan. There is no fixed fee per user because it decreases as the number of users rises.

Pricing & Plans For Airtable

Free: Unlimited bases, 1,200 records per base, 2GB of attachment storage, two weeks of revision and snapshot history, 100 runs each month, two weeks of run history, email assistance, and a self-service knowledge base without cost.

Plus: There are no limitations on the number of bases you can create, 5,000 records per base, 5GB of attachment space per base, six months of revision and snapshot history, 5,000 runs per month, six months of run history, and real-time collaboration and commentary.

Pros include an unlimited number of bases, 50,000 records per base, 20GB of attachment space per base, a year’s worth of revision and snapshot history, 50,000 runs per month, a year’s worth of run history, extensive calendar capabilities, and field and table editing permissions.

Enterprise: Its features include limitless bases, increased record counts per base, three years of revision and snapshot history, 500,000 monthly runs, three years of run history, unlimited workspaces, and invoice payment.

User Reviews For Trello vs Airtable

Both project management tools have received positive reviews. Teams utilizing either program report improved productivity, efficiency, and collaboration.

Reviews Of Trello

Developers’ use of agile project management frameworks was a recurring theme in good Trello reviews. However, the main complaints were Trello’s restricted free functionality and customization limitations.

Reviews On Airtable

Customization and data visualization are strengths of Airtable, although detractors frequently point out the high entry hurdle. The mobile app for Airtable was another issue that often appeared in comment threads. Customers are pleased with the database builder. It is a good project management tool, according to Airtable, with many capabilities.

Final Thought 

Trello is the best option if you’re looking for simple-to-use software to manage your workflow without a hitch. On the other hand, Airtable is what you need if you require a more comprehensive tool and possess a wealth of spreadsheet expertise.

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