Vacuum cleaners help homeowners to thoroughly clean their homes on a regular basis. However, one challenge that many vacuum cleaner owners face is storing them after use. Placing them in random spots can obstruct your way and even make the machine susceptible to damage. With today’s vacuum cleaners being more compact than before, they are typically easier to store even if you are living in a small space.

Here are some areas around your home that can be used for storing your vacuum cleaner.

1. Closet Space For Smart Storage

Whether you have a traditional stick vacuum or a robot vacuum, a closet space dedicated to storing them will ensure safety and clutter-free surroundings. If you are living in a small apartment, consider tucking it away in a closet. You can alternatively hang a vacuum cleaner using a sturdy anchor for direct access. For bulkier models, you can easily store them onto a single shelf of your closet as well.

2. Extra Space In The Garage

The garage offers plenty of space. To protect the cleaner from getting exposed to the harshness of the weather, consider investing in a sturdy and high-quality cover to protect it from dust, moisture, and excessive dryness. Avoid storing the vacuum cleaner near heating systems and air vents, as these can cause damage to the wiring and overall functionality of your vacuum cleaner.

3. A Dedicated Cabinet

If you are unable to find a closet around your home that can be used for storing the vacuum cleaner, you can install a cabinet. Doing so allows complete customization of cabinet dimensions, making it ideal for storing the vacuum cleaner, as well as the option of installing drawers for inserting attachments and other accessories.

4. Utilizing The Spandrel

A Spandrel is the triangular space under the stairs, often underutilized in most homes, but is a great place for storing a vacuum cleaner. It’s ideal for tucking away your vacuum cleaner when you have guests over, but also offers quick access anytime you need it. In case you want to hide the placement, you can install doors and turn the spandrel into a storage unit.

5. Storage In The Pantry

If your pantry is spacious and free from permanent shelf fixtures, it can be used to store the vacuum cleaner. It keeps your home looking tidy, and secondly, it smartly utilizes the extra space to provide quick and easy access to the cleaner. If the pantry becomes too congested, consider keeping the vacuum cleaner in the laundry room, where it’s at a safe distance from other machines.

Today, vacuum cleaners are a staple in many homes thanks to the convenience they offer. As much as it is crucial to use the appliance correctly, it is also important to pay attention as to how you are storing it once you are finished with it. However, being creative and mindful of the storage space’s environment can contribute to a long-running vacuum cleaner for years to come.

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