When it comes to long-distance visibility, there is really one kind of sign that stands out amongst all the other ones: pylon signs. Pylon signs are the premium choice when it comes to pulling in business and traffic from miles away.

These massive signs range in size from 20 feet all the way to 80 feet, but this may make you wonder how much would the eye-catching giant cost? To find our how much pylons signs can cost and more about them keep reading below!

What Is A Pylon Sign?

Pylon is the technical term for this type of signage, however, they can also be called road signs, highways signs, pole signs or just “signage”.  This kind of sign uses tall beams or poles on each side for support and the cabinet (where your sign would be) is mounted and wielded on to the staged poles.

Pylon signs are very big in size which makes sense since they’re usually installed on the side of highways, roadways near shopping centers, retail stores, gas stations, hotels and more. There is a very good chance you’ve seen pylon signs during your daily commute. These signs can feature one business or have multiple names on them.

How Much Do Pylon Signs Cost?

Given their grandiose stature, there is no doubt that this kind of signage has a pretty big price tag to match. But their mammoth size isn’t the one factor that goes into their price, with a larger sign, more material is needed to complete the job which negates a higher cost.

Another important factor is the safety and durability that is required. Because of their height, this can create a vast amount of safety concerns. If the sign was to topple over, it could cause extensive and serious damage. It would not only affect your property but also any adjacent or surrounding property, not to mention anyone who may be around. Because of these risks, not every property is suitable for a pylon sign.

An approximate figure that you can expect to pay for a pylon sign is anywhere from $8,000 to $200,000 for a high-quality pylon sign. This big range accounts for a lot of other factors that can influence the price.  Things such as the size you select, your choice of lighting, cabinets, and if it will be a multi pole sign will all cause fluctuations in price.

Types Of Pylon Signs

Lightbox Pylon Signs

These are made more for commercial premises like shopping centre, strips and malls. These signs are similar to monument sight but can be made taller and more intricate for more visual impact. You can find these kinds of signs by the entrance and exits at the roadside.

Single Pole Road Pylons

These signs are the most traditional and attractive. You can find examples of these signs outside dealerships, gas stations and other single business locations. They are optimal for business locations that need branding that viewable from the sidewalk and road.

Double Or Twin Pole Road Pylons

If you choose double or twin pole road pylons, these tend to be more of an esthetic choice than anything else. The symmetry and larger surface area gives this sign more stability.

Covered Road Pylons

The poles on this pylon sign can be completely enclosed and covered for a custom look that would fit your business’s brand, style and feel. Covered signs can even be customized to match or complement your building’s exterior. Covered pylons can utilize elements like lightboxes, electronic message boards or just regular signage depending on your needs and preferences.

Directory Pylon Signs

The purpose and function of this sign is to air customer navigation and traffic efficiency. These signs are ideal for commercial properties that have multiple businesses.

Benefits Of Pylon Signs

There are many reasons why businesses owners use and implement pylon signs on their business, here are the top three reasons you should consider getting a pylon sign:

1. Visibility

Just based on their sheer height alone, pylon signs can be seen from a great distance. Which makes them an ideal and wonderful advertisement for your business since it’s almost guaranteed to grab people’s attention.

2. Location

Pylon signs can be placed anywhere and attract plenty of attention. If you have a business that can be difficult to locate, just having a storefront sign may not be enough to garner you a lot of exposure. Installing a pylon sign along the road might give your business the extra attention to attract more potential customers.

3. Attractiveness

The large size of pylon signs makes them a wonderful canvas opportunity to have a highly visual impact. This is especially lucrative for businesses to showcase everything from images to logos to any design without having to cram or cut certain elements.

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