Archery and bowhunting, while essentially the same, have one minor difference and that is the hunt. While archery typically has you shooting at inanimate objects, bowhunting is the art of hunting animals. If you are wanting to move from leisure activity to sport, here is what you need to know.

1. Education & Licensing

If you have not already learned archery techniques, start there. If you are a seasoned archer, move on to taking a hunter education course. In most places where you are hunting, you will require a license, and to get that you’ll need a certificate stating you’ve taken some requisite schooling on the sport, safety, the law, and the area in which you are hunting.

2. Gear Up

Many of your archery accessories Canada from your hobby will translate to hunting, but if you are starting fresh there are a few must-haves you’ll need.

  • A bow and bow case
  • Arrows, quiver, tips (broadhead and field point)
  • Treestand and harness (if not hunting from the ground)
  • Camouflaged clothing
  • Knife
  • Release aid
  • Flashlight
  • Targets

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it will get you started. You will pick up things you find helpful along the way.

3. Practice & Research

Make sure you are continuing to refine your skills. Bowhunting is an art that requires consistent precision to make effective and humane kills. If you are serious about adopting this sport then practicing year-round is a must. While you practice, research the location in which you hope to hunt. Is it public or private land? Do you have permission to hunt there? What are the rules and regulations of the area? You’ll also want to read up on your quarry to learn their mannerisms, where to find them, best shot placements, etc.

4. Scout

Before going on a hunt you’ll want to scout out the land. You can do this digitally through Google Earth but you’ll also want to get into the area to find signs of game and the best areas to hunt. This way you are not spending most of your hunting trip trying to find the perfect spot to hunt from. You’ll have to make some last-minute choices about the location but overall this should be something figured out ahead of time.

5. Go On A Hunt

As long as you have completed everything else, and you are properly licensed for the area, you are ready to set out for a hunt! Congratulations! Bowhunting is a challenging sport so don’t let failures get you down. Learn from every opportunity and enjoy the experience.

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