It’s always hard to find home decorating ideas for your apartment. Sure, lamps and throw pillows are great, but they’re not very original. With such a limited space, it can be difficult to turn your ho-hum apartment into something spectacular. It’s no secret that ceramic is one of the hottest trends in home decor today. People are using this versatile material to create extraordinary architecture, functional art, and unique furnishings. It comes in a variety of colours (and textures), patterns and finishes. It’s also incredibly durable and surprisingly easy to work with. We have compiled some tips on how to decorate with ceramic in this post, so you can use these tips to plan your ceramic decorations.

Decorating With Ceramic

Today, ceramic is considered an ideal material for creating functional art and one-of-a-kind decorations. Ceramic can be made into tiles laid out to form free walls (and floors), pots (for your garden or to put on your desk), or even sculptures that can double as home ornaments. If you are decorating with ceramic, consider using it in your kitchen, bathroom, or garden to get the most bang for your buck.

It seems like ceramic is everywhere these days: like on the shelves at the local home and garden centre, as a material in decorating styles… and even as a centrepiece on the dining table. Ceramic is an extremely versatile material that allows you to express your personality in your space. You can use it to create functional pieces, unusual architecture, gorgeous art objects, or beautiful decorations. Some ceramic objects and accessories make great gifts due to their durability and artistic nature.

Homeowners and interior decorators tend to be very conscious of the aesthetic properties of the material. It’s generally associated with elegant pieces that convey class, simplicity, as well as warmth and sophistication as it’s often combined with wood, metal or marble in home interiors.

Ceramic decor comes in all shapes, sizes and styles; with each and every artist bringing their own flair from wherever they are around the world. From the Sicilian Moro Heads to the Copenhagen square vases, there really is something for everyone if you look hard enough!

Choosing The Right Asset For Your Room

To make a space really come alive, it’s best to choose an object that ties in with your theme and the look you want to give the room. We’ll walk you through some tips for picking out the perfect furniture to fit your room’s style.

Living Room

Since your living room is probably the space you spend the most time in, make sure that each piece has its own purpose. You can use an item like an outdoor bench to keep items like your plant pot or make it a coffee table by adding books to it. If you want to get creative, try mixing traditional pieces with more modern ones. For example, an ornate coffee table can be placed next to lounge chairs or even a mid-century sofa.


You might want to use a dresser or a chest of drawers as a nightstand, instead of a shelf. It’s also nice to have a small piece of furniture that you can fit some candles on, rather than making the room too dark. It’s always better to choose something that will tie into your overall theme. Or display all of your small items on shelves like this one to create a homely vibe, plus the bright colours will help brighten up the overall space.

Dining Room

If your dining room is a little too tame, you can always mix it up with something like a large ceramic vase. It’s also nice to have a chandelier hanging over your dining table, not only will it give you more light but it will also give your space a more open feel. If you want to change the size or shape of your dining room table, make sure to buy all new pieces from the same line as the existing ones. One option is an occasional table which can be used as additional seating as well as extra storage underneath.


It’s important to know that if you are using this material in the bathroom, it will get wet. Due to its moisture-resistant properties, ceramic is used in bathrooms and especially in the shower if you want to create a soothing space. The material is not just practical but it’s also great for adding some colour and texture to the room. Use ceramic tiles in different patterns such as stripes, or use solid colours to make your bathroom look chic and sophisticated. You can even use an item like a vent-fan or make it into an attractive wall art piece.


Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Since you’re in there so often, you might want to choose an object that’s interesting to look at. In the kitchen, ceramic tiles work best if they are properly sealed with silicone or wax. If you want to add a little colour and texture to your kitchen, you can use ceramic to create a mosaic wall. You can use coloured wall tiles or go completely white to match existing appliances and granite counters. Consider buying colourful ceramic knobs for cabinet doors.


If you’re planning on creating a garden path or decorating your pots with some ceramic flair then there’s no better material than ceramics. These pots can be used in any space for added flair or simply displayed around the room as a unique decoration.

Matching Ceramic With Other Furniture

The majority of ceramic tables, chairs, and accessories are available in solid finishes to complement most other furniture pieces. The style that works best with ceramics is the Scandinavian look, which is an angular motif with clean lines. When using the ceramic on the floor, choose a rug that complements the ceramic.

Thinking about glass tabletops? Ceramic tops are actually more durable than most glass ones. Plus, you can use it with any type of table base, with your favourite sofa to keep things looking clean and polished. Ceramic also works well as a countertop or a backsplash so it’s a great idea to pick out mosaic chairs and tables that will match the colour of your ceramic tiles. Use your ceramics as accents to other pieces in your room.

You’ll need some small accessories like these ceramic jars for your kitchen or bathroom, or these small decorative vases for your nightstand or coffee table. Make sure that these pieces are not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing, since they will be used in your home.


To conclude, ceramic is a great material to use when decorating. It’s also versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to create a warm and welcoming home. Because of its versatility, it’s difficult to go wrong with this material. It’s durable, lightweight and simple to clean, plus it will never turn yellow or white, even if you leave it outside in the sun. So what are you waiting for?

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