Everyone has the right to feel safe, happy, and secure at their place of work. However, some jobs are better than others, and an employee can sometimes find themselves the victim of intimidation and bullying by a colleague, or even worse, their boss. So what do you do if your employer is making your life a misery? Here are 7 ways to cope if your boss is being a bully.

How Do I Know If It Is Bullying?

You may feel scared, worthless, embarrassed, insecure, and angry when you are bullied. If your boss’s actions make you feel upset in any way, then they are bullying you.

Bullying behavior can manifest in a number of different ways. An employer may take a dislike to you and stop you from being promoted by blaming you for mistakes, or sabotaging your work. They may intimidate you with threatening looks, comments or emails, invade your personal space, leave you out of meetings and social gatherings, embarrass you in front of other employees, look through your personal belongings, and spread false rumors about you. In extreme cases, they may verbally abuse you or threaten you physically.

Seek Professional Advice

Making a complaint against a colleague is difficult enough, but making one against your boss is downright awkward.

Look for help in your area, such as a Birmingham employment attorney who can help you with your plight. They will sit down with you, listen to what you have been experiencing, and decide on the best course of action to take.

Tell a Friend

Confide with a friend or family member. They will support you emotionally, give their unbiased opinion of the situation, and perhaps offer some advice on how to deal with it.

Report It

You should report your boss’s actions to another member of staff who is in a managerial role if possible and also to the Human Resources department. Ask that anything you say to them is written down and dated. Provide them with copies of your written notes and other evidence.

Keep Records

You should write down all the instances that you have been the victim of your employer’s bullying. Detail exactly what happened, what was said, and state if any other employees were present. Date each entry and keep the notes somewhere where they cannot fall into the wrong hands, such as in your bag or personal locker. Also, print off any emails or other documentation with evidence of the bullying.

Stand Up For Yourself

Often bullies pick on the weak, so be confident, keep your chin up, look your boss in the eye and tell them that you do not appreciate their behavior and if they do not stop bullying you, you will escalate the matter. Be specific about what you are pulling them up about with examples so that they cannot pass the blame or brush it off. Stay calm and do not become aggressive.

Keep Up The Good Work

Once you have confronted your boss, continue your job as normal. Keep up a high standard of work and give them no reason to blame you or make an excuse for their behavior.

Don’t let anyone intimidate you. If it all gets too much, there are other jobs out there that you will enjoy a whole lot more.

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