The attitude of many people towards cannabis is slowly shifting. For pet owners, many are finding this as a therapeutic tool to cure the symptoms that their pet dogs are experiencing. The furry family members also show improvements when they were given an extract called CBD oil that is usually incorporated in their diets.

Many veterinarians agree that you should never give products to your dog that contain a substance called THC. If there’s more than 30% THC in a product, then this means that it’s dangerous, and this should be avoided at all costs. THC is also extracted from the plant Cannabis sativa, and this is the psychoactive compound that makes weed users stoned or feel euphoric.

However, it’s a much different scenario with cannabidiol. Even if CBD is also extracted from the hemp plant that is a part of the cannabis family, it only contains 0.3% THC, and it’s not even enough to make your canine high. The maximum dosage is known to be safe for your pet, and you can get high-quality CBD oil for dogs in many online stores and brick and mortar shops. Just make sure that you are getting the product from legitimate suppliers to be on the safe side.

Weed Vs. Oil: The Difference Between The Two

CBD oil is used in many commercial products, and it’s way different from weed or pot. It is important to know that there are over a hundred other natural compounds found in cannabis, and CBD and THC are just the two of them.

Some researchers describe cannabidiol to be non-psychoactive, non-addictive, and beneficial to pet dogs. It’s a non-psychotropic compound that will not make your canine high. Instead, it will deliver a relaxing feeling, and it will boost the appetite of your canine.

Your furred companion will not become high, and its mental state will not be altered, unlike in people who are using a veterinarian. The cannabinoids are instead beneficial, and they can help your pets prevent anxieties, depression, and seizures.

The main difference between marijuana and oil is the amount of THC that the two have. You can read more about THC as the active ingredient in marijuana on this page here: You need a product that won’t get your dogs high and at the same time get them to reap all the benefits that the cannabis plant has to offer.

How The Oil Is Used In The Pet Industry

Some products are sold through dispensaries, and these are usually made with hemp-based cannabidiol. You need to ensure that the manufacturers where you get the chosen products are legitimate and trustworthy.

Many of them incorporate the liquid extracts into supplements. You can give one pill a day to your dog if you prefer. Others prefer to mix the extracts into dog treats so that they can easily incorporate the product inconspicuously. Some snacks taste like beef, chicken, salmon, and other pet favorites, so it’s easy to get your dog to love CBD.

Regardless if you are getting the liquid extract or the supplement, your pet should still experience the beneficial effects of cannabidiol if you have the right product. The oil can help with arthritis, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, cancer, and epilepsy, so you may have to see improvements in these conditions.

Does The Oil Work?

There are hundreds of studies that involve test subjects and cannabidiol. The researchers aim to find the effectiveness of the extracts in treating various medical conditions. The clinical trials for pets are just the beginning, and there are many more to be discovered about CBD.

There’s the Colorado State University that aimed to determine the usefulness of cannabidiol in treating osteoarthritis and epilepsy. Although there’s a lack of formal and published studies, for now, lots of veterinarians indicate that when you have the right product, and you use it according to the label’s instructions, you will help your pet combat several diseases at the same time.

There are promising results, but the studies that many vets are reviewing may lack objectivity. There are indications that the cannabidiol oil can enhance the medications used to treat seizures and osteoarthritis. However, the efficacy and safety of the extracts to the dogs’ bodies are still unclear, and these factors are the ones that are getting studied now.

The Safety Of Cannabidiol

The CBD is very safe to consume. Humans and animals can go on the maximum dose for days without feeling any side effects. Some researchers may discover that the worst possible side effects that your canine can get are extreme drowsiness or an upset on the GI tract. However, this all depends on the product, ingredients, manufacturers, dose, overall health, and the breed of your dog. Learn more about the GI tract or digestive system of your dogs on this site here.

If you may have purchased a product through a pot dispensary, there are chances to contain higher THC levels. This can result in a higher incidence of negative side effects and toxicity considered harmful to many canines.

There are Animal Poison Control Centers are used to receiving calls about canines that have ingested CBD that contains THC. In just a few hours, the THC became toxic and too much for their bodies, and this may be the result of poor-quality control or shady manufacturers trying to make quick bucks.

Today, quality control is lacking in many products of cannabis and other marijuana derivatives. Many studies on products have evaluated the efficacy of marijuana derivatives and their THC content. The results indicated that only 17% were considered accurately labeled, 60% of labels did not give full information regarding THC content, and 23% were under labeled. The main concern is that there are no consistencies, and this is common with shady suppliers.

It can’t be emphasized enough that you only want to get a product from a trusted source. If possible, let your vet know what’s happening and consider her opinions. Some CBD products may contain a bit of THC, but this is fine if it does not exceed the legal requirement of less than 0.3%. Any products from a dispensary should be avoided, and you may want to consider other safer CBD oil bottles out there.

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