A woman’s body changes after pregnancy and childbirth. Not only are these changes dramatic, they’re often permanent. Breasts may appear smaller or flatter, the abdomen may appear looser, and there may be more fat overall in the body. For many women, those changes are difficult to address with diet and exercise alone, especially if she’s given birth to multiple children. Anyone who hopes to become a mother will experience these changes eventually, but that doesn’t make them anymore fun to live with. Fortunately, it’s now possible to improve and even reverse these changes with the power of modern medicine.

What Is A Mommy Makeover?

A “mommy makeover” is simply a series of many cosmetic procedures that are performed at one time to address the unwanted physical changes in a woman’s post-baby body. However, the makeover isn’t only skin deep. After going through something as life-changing as pregnancy and childbirth, women can feel discouraged or uncomfortable in a completely new body. Feeling confident in one’s appearance can do wonders for a person’s morale, which is why mommy makeovers are so necessary.

The ultimate goal of a mommmy makeover is to help a woman regain her original figure. Since no two pregnancies are alike, each makeover is different depending on the individual patient. In general, mommy makeovers consist of some or all of the following procedures:

Breast Augmentation

With pregnancy and breastfeeding, a woman’s breasts often lose volume after she’s had children. They may have a deflated appearance or become less symmetrical, ultimately affecting a woman’s silhouette, the fit of her clothes, and her self-esteem. In a breast augmentation surgery, a silicone or saline implant is inserted into the breast to increase its volume and size. The size and shape of the areola can also be improved during this procedure.

Breast Lift

Unlike a breast augmentation, a breast lift procedure addresses sagging and asymmetry without increasing the size of the breast. Instead of using an implant, the surgeon simply “lifts” the existing breast tissue to a more natural position. Breast lifts and breast augmentations are often performed together during mommy makeovers.


A liposuction procedure entails suctioning out excess fat with a small tube called a cannula. This method is useful for targeting the specific pockets of stubborn fat that are seemingly resistance to diet and exercise. Common treatment areas include the lower stomach, back, thighs, hips, and arms. The end result is usually a leaner, more streamlined appearance.


Fat isn’t the only concern that affects the tummy area. A lot of women also experience distorted or split abdominal muscles, thanks to the quick growth of their pregnant bellies. Even if there is little abdominal fat, postpartum women may end up with an abdomen that protrudes. Also known as a “tummy tuck,” abdominoplasties restore the abdomen to its original, pre-baby appearance by removing excess skin and tightening the abdominal tissues that have stretched or separated during pregnancy, resulting in the coveted flat tummy.

Circumferential Abdominoplasty

If a woman has gained and lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time, her body may require more than just the single incision used in an ordinary tummy tuck. Rather than lifting just the abdomen, a circumferential abdominoplasty addresses the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. Usually, a circumferential incision is made around the hips or thighs in a bikini pattern. This way, multiple areas can be tightened and contoured at the same time. For this reason, this procedure is commonly referred to as a “body lift.”

Other Non-Surgical Procedures

Facial Rejuvenation

Motherhood can be downright draining. Childbirth and nursing can also cause facial changes, such as loss of volume and elasticity. For those who want to look well-rested as part of their mommy makeover, injectables like Botox and other dermal fillers are semi-permanent, noninvasive solutions for the subtle signs of aging.

Cellulite Reduction

With an increase in body fat percentage, what often results is the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is caused by the irregular tightening of fibrous bands of tissue called “septae,” which is what causes the dimpled look of cellulite. People unsatisfied with the appearance of their cellulite can correct it with laser, radiofrequency, or infrared treatments that work to loosen the septae and stimulate collagen, ultimately producing a smoother, more improved appearance.

Recovering From A Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeovers usually involve multiple procedures, so the recovery period is extremely important to minimize complications and ensure lasting, satisfactory results. Because each makeover is tailored to the patient’s needs, the exact healing process will vary patient to patient. Most people are able to return to work after two weeks and resume their normal schedules six weeks after their procedure.

Candidates For Mommy Makeover

Candidates for mommy makeovers are at least one year postpartum to ensure their body has completely recovered from childbirth. Women looking to have a breast lift or augmentation should also wait until they’ve concluded nursing for several months. Candidates should also:

  • Be in good overall health
  • Be done having children
  • Be at or near their ideal weight
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Not be a heavy smoker or drinker

Choosing The Right Surgeon

Only a qualified expert can provide a great mommy makeover experience. If you’re a mother who’s interested in restoring your body to its pre-baby state, you might be a candidate for a Mommy Makeover in Naples FL. Contact the friendly staff at the Aesthetic Surgery Center to book your consultation today.

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