In today’s world, with people working from home, remote offices, and avoiding going into the physical office space, companies need foolproof ways to reach their target consumer without having physical signs and advertisements.

Being in the digital age, companies are finding communicating with their clientele via screens, whether via online advertisements, emails, newsletters, or other communication methods, to have their content seen and receive a response.

One of the most common ways of reaching a company’s target market is by using one-size-fits-all messaging to get the attention of hundreds, or thousands, of users with one press of a button.

What Is Mass Texting?

Mass texting is a messaging method that lets organizations, businesses, and small startups engage with their clients or contacts in an easy, effective, and systematic way. Mass text messaging is an effective marketing tool, since texts have a 98% open rate and boast a 45% response rate.

Mass texting is also known as bull texting, where businesses send mass text messages to inform their contacts, facilitate engagement, and strengthen the customer-to-business relationship.

How To Send Mass Texts

Businesses can use a mass texting service to send bulk messages quickly and easily. Using a Short Message Service, also known as SMS, are simple to use, low-priced, and offer various features that work well for businesses in all sectors.

Fortunately for businesses, mass text marketing is easy and painless. Using a mass texting service only requires the individual to log into the platform, choose the contacts you want to send the message to, write your message, schedule the sending time, and check the open rates and data at a later date.

Mass Texting Analytics

Businesses need to analyze their results in every aspect of their company – a mass texting service is no different. The best bulk text messaging services give you insight into how your campaigns are running, which words are leading to the highest open rates, and which contact groups are the most responsive.

Owners need to analyze the delivery rates, open rates, and engagement trends associated with their mass texting service. Make sure you choose a mass texting service that shows your messages’ efficiency reports, showing important consumer information by breaking down the texts into specific date ranges.

Analyzing your mass texting service data can help you generate better responses from your target audience to find out what makes them interested in your company!

How Businesses Can Use A Mass Texting Service For Outreach

Appointment Rescheduling

A mass texting service can be used to reschedule missed appointments for people who forgot about an in-person meeting. This method is also a good choice during today’s events, where a global pandemic forces us to stay inside and avoid going to public spaces, such as doctor’s offices, dentist offices, and other appointment-based services.

Remaining flexible by using a mass texting service is a good way to maintain a strong customer base and facilitate a smooth transition to digital messaging. By avoiding talking to a computer on the phone, slowing down the appointment process with various prompts and call-wait times, customers are more likely to return to your business for a follow-up.

Eliminate Crowded Waiting Rooms

No one wants to sit in a crowded doctor’s office for an hour waiting for their appointment – which is now 50 minutes behind schedule. Instead, a mass texting service can send a message to the customer well in advance of their appointment time to confirm the date and time, clarify check-in procedures, or let them know when they are next in line for their appointment.

High-Volume Inquiries

Using a mass texting service can eliminate the need for some one-on-one phone conversations or in-person meetings that can be answered using the general information from a company. By being proactive, companies can reduce the call volume and wait time for more important and detailed questions.

Notifications Of New Services Or Products

Many businesses are finding ways to use online tools to keep their customers coming back and engaged in the time of in-person stores having reduced hours of being completely closed. Whether it be about an online promotional service or a new product for subscribers, sharing news about your business can be easily done via a mass texting service.

Let members know your company’s differences and how you are working to improve your services and products offered. Keeping consumers in the loop when going through transitional times is key to maintaining a dedicated customer base.

Promotional Campaigns

If you can’t tell your customers in person about new campaigns or promotions, using a mass texting service can get the word out effectively. Without having to customize individual messages, a mass texting service can tell consumers about special deals, limited time offers, and other prizes that push customers to go online and take advantage of the benefits.

Internal Communication

Keeping employees connected and maintaining a direct line of communication between employees of various levels, whether it be back of the house or management staff, is crucial to morale and productivity. Sending a message via mass texting service can save time and link employees to remote access resources while not in the office.

Customer Engagement

Suppose clients can’t come to your office building to meet in person and discuss a proposal or business initiative. In that case, a mass texting service can facilitate engagement between groups, individual people, and varying corporations in innovative and creative ways.

A quick check-in or touch-base over text can help clients keep your business and their goals at the forefront of their minds while doing other things in their life. Texting clients can encourage them and show and you are thinking about them, even while you can’t physically see them in person.


Businesses can utilize a mass texting service to facilitate consumer engagement, stay connected, push promotions and special deals, notify customers of new products, and easily schedule/reschedule appointments. By sending messages in bulk to your target audience, you can analyze which consumers are the most responsive and engaged with your content.

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