Innovation in business is the process of bringing in new ideas to help the development, running, and profitability of the business in question. Although in most businesses, this is a process that is kept behind closed doors and only involves certain members. This, however, is not necessarily the best or most effective method of gaining the innovation that you are after.

#1 Promoting Ideas Around Your Business

In order for your business to grow, you should be making full use of all of your in-house assets. This includes all of your employees. Each and every one of your employees has experience that combines your business and whatever they did before they came into your employment. It is likely that they will have valuable opinions and ideas that can propel your business forward, although, sadly, you are unlikely to be taking advantage of this.

However, to tap into this valuable source of information and help your employees to feel a lot more engaged in your business, it is a good move to invest in some idea management software. Brainstorming together, in whatever form, could bring up some very interesting solutions and ideas that you may not have come to by your own steam.

#2 Increase Your Product Range

For instance, you could find that your employees have ideas that could increase your product range. This could be because you are thinking purely in a linear manner of a supplier, your employees, however, may approach the question from a consumer point of view. Of course, whatever route you decide to take, you should always concentrate on quality, and your employees may be able to help you here too.

As they are the ones supplying the service or building the products, you may find that they also have helpful ideas about how you can improve the quality of that service or components that are provided for the product’s build.

#3 Making Enhancements To Current Products & Services

Although, when thinking about making enhancements to existing products or services, you could ask your employees – which indeed you should, as they may be able to provide you with valuable honest insight, you should also ask your customers. You can do this by asking customers to provide feedback; some may not be so willing to do this, while others may well go over the top.

One of the ways you can encourage more feedback, as this will provide you with a better understanding of your customer’s feelings, is to offer rewards. A special discount or bonus for leaving feedback may attract more sales for those that are likely to make another purchase anyway. However, it is unlikely you will gain feedback from those that have already decided against this. In order to get a balanced idea of genuine feedback, you will need these customers to come forward as well.

So, To Wrap It All Up

In order for your business to take advantage of all the abilities that your employees have to offer, you should allow them to participate and share their thoughts and experience with you. Although this may feel a bit strange at first, and no doubt your employees will feel a little intimidated. After a while, when it becomes far more normal, you will start to see and hear ideas that make sense and could well breathe some fresh air into your services, products, or business generally.

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