What associations do you have with the word “lingerie”? If you think of the worn bra or underwear set you’ve bought several years ago and take it just as an item of clothing, we have some bad news for you. Thousands of women worldwide are of the same views, so it’s no wonder that they have difficulties with accepting themselves, loving themselves, and exploring their feminine side. But there’s a way to change everything.

Most of you will argue with us and state that there’s no relationship between your feelings and clothing, especially underwear. And these ladies will be wrong. Have you ever seen harness lingerie or leather lingerie? If no, you’ll be surprised to find out how a female body may look. Harness sets may make you forget that life can be boring. Ladies tend to think that womens’ leather lingerie and harnesses are accessories for special occasions; however, MarieMur.com tries to prove that it’s not the case.

Just have a look at harness lingerie by Marie Mur — it’s a dream of any woman. Indeed, MarieMur is a brand with a unique philosophy and high-quality products. They recommend wearing their lingerie each day you want to feel beautiful and confident. Perhaps, MarieMur.com is right, and their full-body leather sets will make you feel beautiful even after a long and hard day.

Types Of Harness Lingerie

If you look at womens’ leather lingerie on Google or try to search for it in any online stores, you’ll ask how it’s possible to wear it on a day-to-day basis? But it’s enough to put on a set at least once to understand how beautiful your body may be and how it changes your self-perception. Moreover, there are different types and models of harnesses, so that you’ll easily find a convenient item to wear even every day.

Usually, the harness set consists of leg garters, choker, belt or corset, and cuffs. The presence or absence of other items depends on the manufacturer. Each item aims to emphasize the beauty of a female body and help every woman understand that she deserves the best. Lingerie has more power than you think.

It’s enough to select one item and make it your mascot. Just wear it under your clothing, and you’ll see the difference after the first day. Even though harnesses are usually made of leather, they won’t cause discomfort. Of course, unless you purchase lingerie from a well-known and reliable brand, such as MarieMur.com that we’ve mentioned above.

Well, not all harnesses are suitable for everyday use — a choker can’t be hidden under your garment. But what about corset and leg garter? If you think your legs aren’t pretty enough to wear them, you have to buy this harness to see that you’re wrong. A leather harness is a great way to prove to yourself and the whole world that you’re stunning. No matter if you’re far from the weird modern standards of beauty.

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