As a construction manager or contractor, you have likely come across the term workforce management. If you seek a solution to manage your jobsite more efficiently, it is important to do your research to find the tools that work best for you.

But first, what is workforce management?

Construction workforce management is more than a buzzword in the highly competitive and evolving industry. Since the construction sector encompasses tons of moving parts, it is key to deploy sophisticated technology to coordinate them.

Workforce management involves a process to optimize the performance level of your construction firm. This article will inform you about construction workforce software and how advanced solutions like SmartBarrel can boost your productivity.

What Is A Workforce Management System, & What Does It Do?

Advanced construction workforce management tools consist of a bundle of project management software. Construction professionals utilize these tools to manage projects, coordinate staff, keep track of financial data, and more.

  • Statistics reveal that 68% of construction firms use software to track financials.
  • 58% and 55% of firms in the sector use advanced tools for project management and equipment management, respectively.
  • Around 48% of the construction companies use advanced software for labor and equipment management.

Whether you are an independent builder, a commercial or domestic contractor, or a construction manager, deploying such tools to streamline your operations makes sense. Established firms can leverage their productivity with sophisticated construction workforce management tools like SmartBarrel.

Most importantly, these tools help contractors foresee potential risks and mitigate them. These solutions can empower them with adequate foresight to stay ahead on every project with accurate statistics and reports.

Powerful Features Of A Construction Workforce Management Software

Leading construction firms are already capitalizing on the power of workforce management solutions. Have a look at the prime features that make these tools ideal for your business.

Resource Optimization

  • FSM (Field Service Management) is a feature that enables construction firms to optimize their resources like inventory, dispatchers, and vehicles at the site.
  • Human resource management happens to be a core feature of many construction workforce management tools. This capability enables project managers to allocate tasks to the available workforce, track their performance, and identify performance loopholes intelligibly.


  • Using these tools, construction managers can spearhead their training management efforts. It becomes effortless to coordinate employee training with fast and intuitive tools.
  • Advanced performance management tools can also ensure that the staff performs as per the established benchmarks of the company.


  • These tools are handy during recruitment as well. Customized tools come with specific features to shortlist, reach out to, and select potential candidates for different positions within your organization.


  • It makes sense to have efficient software to plan the monetary resources in your budgeting endeavors. Workforce management tools come with relevant features that help you budget for projects.

Data Analytics

  • Data collection in real-time ensures that you would have relevant statistics regarding the performance management of your staff.
  • Project managers are leveraging the power of analytics. Advanced tools can forecast the outcome of ongoing projects. Accordingly, you can schedule, optimize resources, and control your decisions. Construction workforce management tools make intelligent forecasts based on past trends that help project managers curtail unnecessary costs.

Prime Benefits Of Integrating Construction Workforce Management Software

In the digitized operational world, the success and competence of any construction business rely on the availability of timely and precise information. Particularly, when the question revolves around your workforce and available resources, you need to prioritize integrated tools.

Workforce management plays an essential part in streamlining your operations.

Responsive Scheduling 

As a growing construction firm, you might be working on multiple projects simultaneously. A dedicated construction workforce management software would help you schedule your projects and manage different jobsites with ease.

You can input the deadlines and dates of each project, along with other variables, by using these tools.

Minimize Downtime

Delays come as part and parcel of construction projects. Most importantly, such delays can significantly reflect in terms of budget overhauls. By scheduling the corresponding tasks intelligibly using advanced software, you can minimize waiting time.

The tool takes care of your resources so that different teams would be adequately equipped to commence with the job. This enables project managers to complete the tasks within the respective budgets and deadlines.

Precise Forecasting

Planning holds the key to success for project managers. Construction leaders are successfully leveraging the advantages of analytics to forecast project development. Accordingly, they ensure they have the right equipment, workers, and capital in place. This strategic approach of making an informed decision also helps them mitigate risks.

Capacity Optimization

With dedicated construction workforce management software at your disposal, you can check the status of work allocated on site. Using these tools, you can also manage leaves, bonuses, and other employee benefits.

Eliminate Miscommunication

Given that miscommunications between on-field personnel and in-house officials can prove to be an expensive ordeal. You would want to root the possibility out. With conspicuous and intuitive interfaces, these tools control the flow of information and help you stay productive.

Final Words

You can now answer the question: What is workforce management? And you can stay proactive with regard to profitability on multiple fronts. A feature-packed, customized, and affordable tool for managing your construction workforce can propel your company into the future.

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