If you’re a homeowner, you probably understand homeowners’ insurance. The insurance covers the home structures and individuals’ properties against destruction from weather, fire, theft, and liability claims. Home warranties safeguard personal investments, which operate differently.

A home warranty is defined as a service agreement that assists in covering the repair cost of particular systems and appliances. In addition to the monthly rates, an individual must pay a call fee if an issue with their device arises.

What Does A Home Warranty Cover?

A home warranty typically comes with marked-down repairs and replacement services for the appliances covered. In most instances, one is not required to produce maintenance records or be assessed to acquire a coverage plan.

Most home warranty service providers have coverage plans for either systems or appliances, or hybrid plans for the two. However, the coverage fees differ depending on the company and coverage plan chosen.

Systems can be costly to repair. However, if a significant appliance breaks down, it can result in severe financial issues. Fortunately, home warranty plans come in handy to protect the particular system via the warranty coverage plan.

Home Warranty Coverage Specifics

The current market provides various home warranty plans with different coverage levels. They may consist of system-only or appliance-only plans or both for the essentials. Policies protect homeowners from destruction due to regular wear and tear, with exclusions and exceptions.

Some appliances covered by the home warranty are an oven, built-in microwaves, a fridge, a washing machine, a dishwasher, and more. Secure home systems also comprise water heaters, garbage disposal, electrical, and heating systems, among others.

Other additions offered by home warranty providers to policyholders are meant to enhance and personalize their coverage beyond the basics. This is beneficial, especially if you have costly amenities or a second large appliance. Such add-ons include spa equipment, a pumping device, a swimming pool, a septic tank, roof leaks, a guest home, or pest control.

Before investing in any home warranty policy, it’s crucial to conduct a home survey to note the appliances or home systems requiring repairs. Implementing the home warranty plan or adding the desired customizable options to the appliance that requires some replacement is easy.

Home Warranty Costs

Home warranty costs range from $300 to $600 annually. Besides, the add-on costs, service fees, or extended coverage can result in more than $500 per year. However, not every home warranty plan has value for your money.

For instance, if you’ve acquired a home with new appliances, there is a high chance that the parts have an extended lifespan or are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. But this may not apply to a home with older appliances that need the status assessment, resulting in more potential costs if an issue is spotted.

As a result, the home warranty premiums can be costly, and without the policy’s application, it leads to money loss. Instead of home warranties, homeowners save money for upcoming repairs and then engage a contractor.

The Bottom Line

Since a home is a significant investment, most people consider it essential to have a home warranty for protection. Home warranties and insurance policies keep homeowners at peace and protect them from overwhelming losses. Click here for information about available safe streets for your home security.

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