When choosing a graduation course after Class XII, a Bachelor of Science (BSc) is one of the most common options students select. BSc is an undergraduate-level course offered at almost all universities in India, and students with an academic qualification of Class XII can pursue BSc courses in different branches.

Bachelor of Science (BSc) offers theoretical and practical knowledge about different subject areas. These subject areas usually include any leading Science fields (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) and other fields depending on the specialization a student opts for.

Pursuing a BSc course is most beneficial for students with a strong interest and background in Science and Mathematics. The course also benefits students who wish to pursue multidisciplinary science careers.

But the question arises what career options After B.Sc? Well, this article will explain in detail.

What Are Career Options After BSc?

MSc / Master Of Science

MSc is the most prominent and logical choice for BSc graduates in higher studies. A master’s degree in a specialized subject can open many doors for a doctorate, research, and excellent employment opportunities for students.

MBA / Master Of Business

This is one of the most sought-after career choices for graduates of every stream, and BSc graduates are not an exception to this rule. Many institutes have started offering MBA degrees specializing in scientific domains like hospital management, laboratory management, and IT management, which are ideal for BSc graduates.

MCA / Master Of Computer Application

With the IT boom dominating the Indian economy, the computer applications and IT industry have emerged as one of the most lucrative career options available to BSc degree holders. MCA is an ideal academic program for students pursuing higher studies in this domain.

Ed. / Bachelor Of Education

For BSc graduates with the potential to be expert teachers, a B.Ed degree would be an excellent choice for further studies. B.Ed. Degree coaches students in different and unique pedagogy techniques that aid them in improving their teaching prowess even further.

Computer Technology

Computer technology is a vast and ever-growing field that involves the study and use of computers to store, process, and communicate information. It encompasses everything from designing individual computer systems to how people use those systems to solve problems or perform tasks.

Computer technology has dramatically impacted virtually every aspect of our lives, from how we work and learn to how we connect with friends and family. It continues to evolve rapidly, with new applications and innovations constantly emerging. Whether you’re interested in working in computer technology or want to use computers more effectively, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.


The animation industry is witnessing the emergence of newer innovations with each passing day. And it is expected to grow at a rapid pace. Pursuing one of India’s most sought-after animation courses for a prospective candidate can be a significant starting point. A career in this industry can widen opportunities for a creative individual. Besides handsome salaries, career opportunities can showcase a profession’s creativity.


In this competitive era, the anxieties and distress we see among the country’s youth are disheartening. While there is an outbreak of a Pandemic like Covid-19 in the country, on the other hand, the economy of the nation has also been severely weakened. In such a scenario, a reduction in employment is a natural process.

However, journalism is the only field that seems alive in this environment, where challenges and good prospects for the future are seen. Therefore, it is necessary first to know the following things about journalism.

Get In Detail About Journalism

Journalism refers to the news in which we get information about the country’s events and abroad through systematically written print and audio video. In general, journalism has special importance in the country’s federal system. It also has an important role in building society and the country. This is why journalism is known as the Fourth Pillar of the Federal Structure.

It is possible through journalism that the citizens of the country sitting in far-flung areas get knowledge of the whole world and keep themselves active accordingly. Thus, the importance of the field of journalism can be well understood. Therefore, it is also necessary to know the diverse forms of journalism.

Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management is a career that is increasing more consideration thoroughly considering the world than it has before. Sometime recently, hotel managers graduated from school with some degree in business. Presently, whole degree programs are intended to give students a chance to concentrate their examinations on the intriguing universe of lodgings.

Numerous students became noticeably inspired by this course because a career they once had demonstrated was especially enthralling. One of the contemplations for some students is that they like and are intrigued by individuals. Working with individuals is an urgent piece of a manager’s activity in our industry. Numerous students have a characteristic intrigued by food, and the allure of the friendliness business pulls in some.

Master In Data Science

A master’s program in data science will give you the necessary expertise to advance a career as a data scientist. But a significant career boost can also come by undertaking a certification program in data science, which would emphasize more practical skills and hands-on experience.

Data science encompasses a wide range of methods of understanding and analyzing data and then applying those findings to solve real-world business problems. So courses in AI certification, ML training, data analyst training, placement, etc., all fall under this.

A full-time master’s program in data science is worth considering the academic exposure, student environment, and learning outcomes. However, the most important thing to determine whether a program is worth the effort is undoubtedly the job opportunities that come after completing the program.


BSc is a highly professional route; above are some lines you can go through after your undergrad. After completing a BSc degree, you can choose various career options. Simplilearn online learning provides various certification courses to boost your career.

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