Picture the scene; You’ve bought a new house complete with a conservatory and you’re over the moon. The extra space can be used for entertaining, relaxing in the summer, however very quickly you realise that it is way too cold to be used in the winter and it becomes virtually redundant.

It is double glazed and its complete with a small heater, yet that still doesn’t take much effect on the temperature in the space.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to use the conservatory all year round and enjoy your investment fully?

Make sure to read on to read some of our top tips towards making your conservatory more energy efficient.

Replace The Glass Windows

A huge source of heat loss is through the windows. If you have an older conservatory with single glazing, then replacing windows with energy efficient double glazing will help to retain heat within the space and keep your monthly energy bills low.

Choose A New Roof

Another place where a lot of heat can escape from your conservatory is through the roof. Warm air rises, so if you don’t have an efficient roof, heat will quickly leave through the roof even if you have the heating on high.

If it isn’t efficient, your conservatory roof could also let in draughts.

Choosing a solid roof, such as a Guardian Warm Roof, will allow you to transform your conservatory space into a year-round living space. So, no matter what temperature it is outside, your conservatory will no longer be too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. It will also help to provide you with extra privacy.

Ensure Your Space Is Sealed

A draughty conservatory will never be comfortable. Whilst a few draughts may not seem like a big problem, but fixing it is very easy and can make a huge difference. Installing new seals in the frames of the windows could be one step towards making the space a lot cosier in the winter and make it usable once again.

Focus On Flooring

Your floor is by far the biggest surface within your conservatory and in the winter it can quickly start to feel chilly.

A great way to easily tackle a chilly conservatory floor is by putting down a large rug. This is a cost-effective way to warm your feet and add an extra layer of insulation.

Install Some Blinds Or Curtains

Curtains and blinds are both a cheap and cost-effective way to keep a conservatory space warm and they’ll also bring some insulation. Both will reduce heat transfer hugely.

Make Sure To Consult An Expert

If you are looking to make your conservatory more energy efficient and more usable over all, why not consult an expert today.

Any reputable company, such as Guardian Roofs Birmingham, leading providers of replacement Conservatory Roofs Lichfield.

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