While a lot of fashionistas tend to opt for fancy short wig style, a good number of fashion divas would beg to differ.  Taking your looks to a whole new level will require you to change hairdo and get the groove on with styles that are customized just for you. Over the years, a lot of fashion styles seem to trend for a while and then lose prominence. However, curly hairstyles remain a true classic, curling through the test of time.

Curly wigs have become a popular choice among people desiring to enhance their natural beauty or just want to try out a different hairdo.  This article will delve into a comprehensive guide on how to choose and style the perfect curly wig that’ll give you a stunning appearance.

Table Of Contents

  • Tips on Choosing the Right Curl Pattern for your Face Shape and Personality
  • How to Style Luvme Hair Curly Wigs
  • How to Maintain Your Luvme Hair Curly Wigs
  • Where to Buy Quality Curly Wigs?
  • Conclusion

Tips On Choosing The Right Curl Pattern For Your Face Shape & Personality

Right Curl Pattern For Your Face Shape & PersonalityThe first step to selecting the right curl wig is to identify the type of wig style that suits your beauty needs. This starts with your type of facial symmetry.

Round Face

This is one of the commonest of facial symmetry. Choosing the right curl pattern for this face shape can sometimes be time-consuming as one can get loads of hairstyles to select from.

The curly ponytail hairstyle is one of the go-to curl patterns for individuals with round face. The ponytail keeps the weight of the curls in the back of the head instead of laying around the cheeks, this slims out the rounded face form.

Another stylish pattern for a round face is the curly side-swept updo. This curl pattern slims out the round face by sweeping voluminously to one side and falling below the chin line.

Square Face

Voluminous and flowing curls are the perfect curl pattern for square face individuals. To create these curls, try roller setting your hair by applying large hot rollers to the entire head. Allow to cool and set and finish by finger combing waves to soften and loosen the curls. These curls with loose waves soften the squared features and edges of the face. The curls fall just below the jawline, which result in the entire face appearing narrow and lengthened.

Another attractive looking pattern is the Tousled waves. Wavy hair helps to elongate angular features, placing more attention on the middle aspect of the face as opposed to the obvious angled jaw.

How To Style Luvme Hair Curly Wigs

Wigs generally are a great way to upgrade your look and give yourself a dazzling style with little to no commitment. Styling wigs can be a bit of a hassle for starters, and that’s twice as stressful when it’s curly wigs. Take a good look at these wig styling tips to help get you started with your curly wig:

Color Consideration

In styling your curly wig, you should consider your choice of hue. Want to have a change of hair color? Then a curly wig is the perfect way to get that done without the application of messy dyes or damage to your natural hair. You can get a curly wig with a distinctive color (highlighted wigs are a good option) or you can choose to dye it the exact color of your desire.

Apply The Right Product

It is vital to use the right products when styling a curly wig. Wrong products can be damaging to your wig, causing it to look unnatural. Products that are specifically designed for wigs and curly hair must be put into foremost consideration when choosing hair styling products for your curly wig. This is necessary towards ensuring your curly wig always appears desirable and lasts for a long period.

Maintain Neatness & Tidiness

Curly wigs come with issues like tangles and frizz that can make your wig appear undesirable. To maintain your curly wig, use a wig brush to style your natural curly wig and endeavor to detangle regularly. Occasionally wash and condition your wig to keep it from losing its texture and beauty.

How To Maintain Your Curly Wigs

Maintain Your Curly WigsDo you appreciate your curly wigs? If yes, then you’ll want to make sure you know how to maintain the curls and waves. Here are some tips to really help maintain and keep your curly wigs looking nice and perfect.

Wash Your Wigs Occasionally

Wigs do not require them to be washed as often as you wash your own hair, although, after a certain period of usage, dirt and oil accumulates. This causes your wig to lose its luster. It may also cause your curly wigs to become stiff and hard to style.

To get your curly wig washed, simply swish your wig in the water without rubbing. Dry it out on towels afterward. Ensure you do not rub your wig as this may lead to loss of its curls, you can simply dab the excess water off your wig after washing.

Use The Right Comb

Curly wigs are comb selective. Wide-toothed comb can be very effective to gently get any tangles out. Start at the tip of the wig and gently work upwards to the root.

Use Conditional For Detangling

Just like natural hair, curly wigs are bound to get dry quicker and get tangled. When detangling, always use water and a conditioner to smoothen the wig. Curly wigs can break and lose their curls, the conditioner helps by softening the curls and reducing the tangles.

Where To Buy Quality Curly Wigs?

You can get quality curly wigs at Luvme Hair. Their collection of beautifully textured curly wigs will definitely meet your taste and satisfaction. They have affordable curly wigs that’s just for you. In addition, these wigs are only made from human hair.


Choosing and styling the perfect curly wig is a process that begins with your very own decision to self-upgrade to a style that’s suited to your personality. Your choice and style of curly wigs doesn’t have to be casual, opting for a fancy look that resonates your inner beauty is what you’ll be delving into when you take that step to acquiring that perfect hairdo.

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