In situations where one is facing a criminal charge, getting an excellent¬†felony criminal defense attorney¬†becomes vital. This is because not all lawyers are the same, and don’t all specialize in the same area, so you would need one specific to your case, with a good reputation and high win percentage.

It is universally agreed that a good criminal defense lawyer is the secret weapon to staging a perfect defense to a criminal charge. Though it is tiresome, getting a good criminal defense attorney ensures you of a well-light defense in court. This is arguably the most important step in winning a defense. Here are top tips to help you choose a good criminal defense lawyer in Philadelphia, click here to reach out the best criminal defense lawyer.


Time is of great essence when it comes to cases. A good criminal defense lawyer should have this in mind and thus is always on toes to answer your calls, emails and also arrange a meeting with you in time.

This shows their preparedness to take on cases. The lawyer should be able to gather information in a short time to allocate the best time for the building of a good defense, especially in Philadelphia.

Specializes In Criminal Law In Philadelphia

It is very important to ensure that the attorney specializes in criminal law in Philadelphia. This means that they are in tune with the criminal law in the region and have been involved in other criminal charges. This gives your case an edge of experience.

Get A Lawyer Experienced In Local Courts

In addition to being specialized in criminal law in Philadelphia, your lawyer should. This gives you an edge in connection and relationships, which go a long way in helping build a reasonable defense for you.

You should not overlook the fact that each judge operates in their own style as well as each court. This hence that a lawyer skilled in local courts knows how to navigate these judges and juries.

Do A Background Check For The Lawyer

Such checks are necessary and vital to your case. You need to establish the authenticity of the lawyer as well as check any disciplinary actions put on the lawyer.

This information is available on the internet as well as the state bar of Philadelphia. These two sources are a good place to start, but research shouldn’t stop here.


This is basically the art of word of mouth. This has been classified as one of the best sources for a good lawyer in Philadelphia. You can get these referrals from family, friends, or even other lawyers.

A good example is asking your business or family lawyer for referrals to a good criminal defense lawyer they may know.

Familiarity With Criminal Laws & Punishments

Today quarks have become almost more than real persons in any field. Watching out for these is important. A common way to get past the quarks is to size up the attorneys’ head knowledge.

This does not mean that the attorney should be a freak with the information but should be able to judge your case in a first sitting and provide basic information on the key areas of the case, such as the possible punishment.

Trust Your Instincts

Remember that the case is yours and not the lawyers. After checking the lawyer out, a meeting is important. This will give you a chance to ask them questions and find out if their intentions fall in place with your interests or otherwise.

It is recommended in Philadelphia that you judge the lawyer with your intuition and decide whether to drop them or give them the case.

Check Out Their Fee Structure

A good criminal defense lawyer in Philadelphia should have a fee structure that is comparable with other lawyers of the same caliber.

This will assure you that the lawyer has been operating this field in the region before. Also, this fee structure should be clear and easy to understand. Ambiguous fee structures are known to be tools of extortion used by quarks.

Observe Their Enthusiasm

This one of those pro points that really does work. Even though the question of experience is important, you will need a thorough lawyer when it comes to investigating then you would require an experienced one.

This type of lawyer is one who will advise you whether to take a trial or just take the plea. On many occasions, enthusiasm has been equaled to loyalty, and the field of law is not an exemption.

You Decide On Directions

Again the defense is yours, and the attorney is just an aid along the way. They should be able to take care of the ways to mount the defense, such as court motions and witnesses but also allow you to take the big decisions on your shoulders.

Remember that the outcome of the case affects you directly, and in case your attorney does not give you space to take this decision upon yourself, then it is only right to drop them for the sake of the case.

Confident In the Courtroom

You sure should recognize that the attorney you choose will be speaking on your behalf in court; it is, therefore, important that the one you choose impresses you personally and then use that as a gauge of how they may behave in court.

Also, place in your mind that your case will be before a jury, and the confidence of the lawyer may win them over. Great defenses are won in split seconds of a simple objection; hence pick a lawyer who does not shy away from heated court sessions.

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