A good way to protect your home and family is to have a guard dog. However, choosing the right one and having it well-trained is essential. Here are some ideas of canine breeds that can be trained.

German Shepherd

Many feel that German Shepherds are the top choice for a family guard dog. They are known for their courage and ability to also be gentle. Be sure to choose champion breed German Shepherd puppies and hire a trainer right from the start. German Shepherds are often the breed of choice of families who are looking for family protection dogs for sale.

Great Dane

Do you remember the character in Scooby-Doo? Many movies have featured Great Danes when a huge canine is portrayed. If you choose this breed, remember how large it will get. Their size alone will keep strangers hesitant to approach your home or family.


This breed is very loyal, smart, loving and active. They are ideal family pets and can warn their owners, but not necessarily protect them.

Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans are known for their ability to protect homes. They need plenty of exercise to keep their athletic body. Without proper training, they can be destructive. They need to be taught to be obedient.


An intelligent breed, Rottweillers can be trained to be an excellent guard dog. Keep in mind, they need to be socialized as puppies since they are naturally suspicious of strangers.


The nice thing about this cross between a mastiff and a bulldog is that they rarely bark. What a great trait for a family pet. However, they sense danger and can be trained to warn their owners. Each animal has their own personality, so some will be more protective than others.

Whichever breed you choose, meet the dog’s parents if possible. That will give you an idea of your new pet’s true nature and potential. Select your new animal from a respected breeder that has good records and great reviews. Enjoy your new best friend.

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