Home improvement is rampant in the UK as there is a need to upgrade new and existing buildings. Homeowners who want to sell their home or enhance its look will always hire house renovation services. What are the top emerging home improvement projects in the UK?

Home Improvement Projects In The UK

There are several home improvement projects in the UK. We will consider the top home improvement projects in this article.

Deck Building

Deck-building is a popular home improvement project in the UK. Homeowners who want to increase their home aesthetic will always consider building or installing decking in their outdoor space. Installing composite decking in a home will also add value to the home. Installing composite decking is easy as you have to build the joist before laying the decking on top. Decking builders now use plastic joists when installing composite decking. If you have a garden deck, you can use the deck to extend your living space outdoors. It can serve as a relaxing spot, a dining or cooking area.

Artificial Grass Installation

Natural grass can be very stressful and difficult to maintain. Homeowners in the UK now prefer installing artificial grass outside their outdoor space. Artificial grass is easy to maintain compared to natural grass. The grass does not need wetting like natural grass. It also does not need spraying pesticides.

Homeowners who are remodelling their homes now Install artificial grass to add more aesthetics to their outdoor area. This type of home renovation is also great for those who are looking to sell their homes. The grass will stay beautiful all year round compared to natural turf that can dry out in winter. Installing artificial grass is affordable, and the grass comes in various textures you can choose.

House Painting

The walls of your own are important when it comes to home improvement. Wall painting is among the top home improvement projects in the UK. If the walls of your home looks dirty, it will make the house look old. When remodelling the house, ensure you paint not only the interior of your home but also the exterior.

Add neutral colours to the inside of your home to make the interior look calm and inviting. Don’t forget the exterior part too; you should choose the right paint colour for the outside walls. If you don’t know the exact colour to choose for your exterior, you can purchase colour samples from a paint store. Apply the paint samples to your walls; with this, you really should know which colour compliments the look of your home.

Lawn Care

Homeowners who want to remodel their homes also consider improving their landscape. Lawn care is also a popular home improvement project in the UK. It includes cutting the grass, lawn mowing, weed control, and pest control. Additionally, it also includes cutting trees and shrubs, trimming around the edges, fertilisation and installing irrigation systems.

Wallpaper Installation 

Wallpaper installation is a top home improvement project in the UK. Homeowners are now upgrading their home interior with 3-dimension wallpaper. Wallpaper installation is also an affordable way to improve your house interior. It will transform the look of the living room, making it more attractive than ever. 3d wallpaper comes in various designs. You can even customise your wallpaper design to suit your needs. Homeowners who want to make their interior look inviting should consider wallpaper installation.


Lighting is a common home improvement project. Adding lights to your home can transform its appearance. The light will also make your home look more expensive. Homeowners who want to remodel their home should consider installing lights both in the interior and exterior parts of their house. Use lights to enhance your landscape; it will make your house look more attractive. You can also add pendant lights on your hallway and chandeliers in your dining and living room.


The top emerging home improvement projects in the UK include deck installation, lawn care, painting, lighting and artificial grass installation.

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