In this today’s fast-paced technological world, many companies whether big or small are becoming cloud-dependent as it offers high scalability and performance. Especially after COVID-19, the cloud has become increasingly important for organizations. They are using cloud resources to establish their digital presence. That leads to a wide range of highest-paid job opportunities in an IT career.  So gaining skills by taking up Cloud Computing training could be well worth your time to grab more opportunities and excel in your career. So In this blog, we have mentioned the skills you need to gain to become a successful Cloud Architect.

Let’s start this blog by discussing who is a Cloud Architect?

Who Is Cloud Architect

An IT specialist who builds a company’s computing strategy with cloud technologies is known as a Cloud Architect. Cloud Architects are in charge of finding cloud-based solutions to complicated business problems. They design the architecture to help in the implementation of the final product. Cloud adoption planning, cloud application design, cloud management, and monitoring, and also deployment in cloud environments are all the additional tasks expected to be done by a Cloud Architect. Other members of a technology team, such as DevOps engineers and developers, collaborate with the Cloud Architect to ensure that security is maintained.

Top 7 Cloud Architect Skills

Cloud computing is a vast and diverse field. which has a lot of career opportunities. Moreover, the Cloud computing team has continuous interaction with other teams. So developing both communicational and technical skills would be necessary for them.  Mastering the top 7 technical skills listed below will help you succeed as a Cloud Architect.

1. Programming Skills

A Cloud Architect should be able to illustrate and investigate the application of cutting-edge technology through programming. So must possess the ability to work with programming languages such as Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, and.NET. you need to work on SQL, NoSQL, and Linux to gain knowledge in database programming. So you can start learning cloud programming abilities to utilize for quickly developing a proof of concept or demo to demonstrate a point or study how to leverage the newest and most cutting-edge technologies.

2. Database Management

These days the majority of companies’ databases are now cloud-based systems. So it has become necessary to know how to extract important data from them. Many things in the database need to be worked on frequently, such as the potential client information stored in database platforms that must be managed regularly.

Although, using a cloud database system instead of an onsite data center is not the same thing. Many issues such as storage restrictions, security, and database performance are all contended by Cloud Architects. So proficiency in cloud database management systems is required. The demand for power bi consultants or people with cloud computing capabilities to manage, store, and retrieve data is growing as these databases are increasingly housed on cloud platforms.

3. Networking

Cloud Computing is a domain that is nothing more than a virtual network that connects servers all over the world. As a result, you must understand how traditional and virtual networks function to emphasize making the process easy for end-users. As a result, Understanding networking basics and virtual networks are yet another crucial skill for Cloud Architects because they are important to cloud networking. It will be extremely difficult to design secure, scalable cloud-based solutions systems if you lack networking understanding. So as an architect, you should become an expert in terms like Route 53 (DNS), TCP/IP, HTTP, CloudFront (CDN), and VPC.

4. Cloud Storage

Many business deals with a variety of big data applications, each of which has its storage requirements. And this data is the foundation of cloud computing.  So, the person dealing with cloud computing must know where and how to store that data. Based on various aspects of the business data such as the type, volume, and confidentiality, they need to store the data. There are numerous storage solutions available in the cloud such as cold storage, hot storage, file systems, and Block and Bucket storage. So understanding and mastering all of these different types of storage and their functions are critical to becoming a Cloud Architect. As you are also responsible to decide the best storage option, this solid understanding of data storage fundamentals helps you to compare and analyze the price, capabilities, and performance. Some prominent cloud storage options are S3, Glacier in AWS, blobs & Queues, Data Lakes in Azure, etc.

5. Information Security

Another key feature of Cloud Computing that you need to gain knowledge about is information security. Most cloud platforms offer various services that ensure both physical and network security. Although few people do not trust cloud platforms with security. But in order to provide the best security, it is critical to keep track of the current security condition and take preventative actions. And to do that you need to understand network security and how to handle it using firewalls and encryption.

6. DevOps

DevOps is a crucial development method in the realm of cloud computing. It is a software development strategy that reduces the work dependencies by unifying the development and operations teams. DevOps methodology is a set of processes, cultural attitudes, and tools that enables businesses to automate some changes, improve an organization’s capacity to distribute applications and services more quickly and efficiently. In this era of cloud computing, DevOps is a crucial development process, therefore adding it to your skillset would be more beneficial. If you really don’t know where to start with this, you could always reach out to a Devops Consulting service and let them advise you on the steps you need to take in order to fully embrace this important aspect of modern business.

7. Cloud Service Platforms

Last but not least, You can’t begin a career in cloud computing without learning about the various Cloud Service Providers first. So you must understand the offerings of various cloud service platforms and how to operate them to succeed in the cloud sector. There are around 400+ cloud platforms out there including Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platforms. The cloud services market is dominated by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. As an architect, you should be aware of – what is required service, which services will assist reduce expenses, and which services are relevant to your project that would meet the requirements.

Hence, Acquiring all these skills help you excel in your cloud computing career.

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