Every foodie likes to explore the diverse restaurants and variable cuisines. Whether it’s the Christmas dinners at a five-star hotel or late-night parties with friends at the nearby bar, every eatery has its charm. Certain restaurants are unique in their ways. With astonishing themes and surprising serving techniques, these unusual restaurants reside in almost every corner of the world. If you like trying out the food at different places, make sure to explore the unusual eateries while traveling. From automated serving to opaque dinner tables, you are likely to find various kinds of bizarre eating joints.

Keep reading to know the top five restaurants that boast unique themes, mouth-watering food, and experience to remember for a lifetime.

1. Ithaa Restaurant, Maldives

Ithaa Restaurant, MaldivesDid you ever dream of having an under-water house with all the amenities and picturesque aquatic flora around? If yes, then Ithaa Restaurant in the Maldives brings you closer to fulfilling this. Situated around 16 feet below the sea level is this ecstatic restaurant that offers delicious food and mirror-made walls. Through the walls, you can gaze at the unique fishes or aquatic flora while enjoying the sea-food. You might want to pre-book before heading to this restaurant as the staff only admits 14 people inside at a time. Being a part of the Conrad Maldives Rangali resort, this eatery should be in every foodie’s bucket list.


  • The restaurant won three World’s Luxury Restaurant Awards consecutively. This was mainly due to the all-glass undersea infrastructure and a picturesque view of the aquatic wildlife.
  • Both the diners as well as the staff need to wear sunglasses. This is due to the bright atmosphere inside the restaurant.
  • The restaurant’s menu contains Maldivian cuisine with a slight hint of European and Asian delights. You can order dishes like saffron, risotto, black Angus beef tenderloin, and pair them with your favorite cocktails like dry red wine.

2. Disaster Cafe, Lloret de Mar, Spain

Disaster CafeFor all the foodies out there who never experienced an earthquake yet, this cafe brings a golden opportunity. Disaster Cafe serves food with around 7.8 Richter earthquake. While the diners remain safe during this artificial disaster, make sure to hold your drinks and save them from spilling. Apart from the disaster theme, the restaurant also serves mouth-watering delicacies. Sitting in a cave-like area, you get to enjoy the boiled eggs and spicy salads. What makes the restaurant unique is the earthquake theme that begins when the lights go out. The heavy earthquake follows this with the constant flickering of the lights and disastrous noises. Disaster cafe guarantees the perfect adrenaline rush along with tasty foods and on-point customer services.


  • A shaky dining experience that allows several diners to experience a high magnitude earthquake for the first time.
  • Hotel staff is highly generous and keeps track of both the diner’s as well as their safety.
  • Popular dishes like Reindeer Fillet, Meat and fish delicacies like elk, trout, and salmon offer the utmost satisfaction to the foodies.

3. Birds Nest Restaurant, Thailand

Birds Nest RestaurantMost of the people dream of living the life of a bird at least once in their lifetime. But how many of us experience it? A bird nest restaurant, you get to dine inside an actual birds nest situated on a tree. Also, the dining table lies at the height of 16 feet above the ground. Hence, you can achieve real-life Avian experience without any hassles. The spectacular view from such a height will truly mesmerize you. On top of this, the food at this place is mouth-watering and healthy at the same time. Along with this, it provides you with undisturbed dining as the waiters use the zipline to deliver your food. Overall, this is one of the most unusual yet enchanting restaurants all over the globe.


  • Located in Soneva Kiri Eco Resort, Thailand, the restaurant offers a unique arboreal dining experience.
  • You can enjoy other activities in the resort-like swimming, indoor games, bar facilities, and mouth-watering lunch dishes in this eatery.
  • Minimal disturbances by the restaurant staff as the food arrives on a zipline to your dining table.

4. O.NOIR, Toronto

O.NOIR, TorontoHere’s a restaurant that offers an experience similar to Blind Date. O.NOIR restaurant in Toronto provides food in extreme darkness, proving to be an opaque dining establishment. This is because as the sight diminishes, other senses like taste, hearing, and touch stimulus gradually enhance. Further, visitors can bring the most authentic and delightful taste out of the meals. It also adds to the appeal of the evening and instills a romantic vibe to the evening. However, be aware that the hotel staff doesn’t allow any luminous devices inside, including the cellphones. First, the diners order the food in a lit bar and move to the actual dining area, which is completely dark. In the beginning, the staff explains where the food and drinks are kept on the respective tables to avoid future discrepancies.


  • You experience top-notch culinary indulgence in every dish you order. Due to the non-luminous environment, your taste sensation enhances and brings romantic vibes of the dining.
  • Starters include the savory dishes like Salmon Gravlax, Jerusalem Artichoke Tarte, Breaded polenta Sticker, and many other ecstatic delicacies.
  • The main course includes Ravioli, Chicken breasts, Shrimps, and other similar dishes to try. You can also choose amongst the diverse dessert options available on the menu.

5. Modern Toilet, Taiwan

foodModern Toilet Restaurant is here to break all the stereotypes related to toilet and dining etiquettes. This is probably one of the rare places where the bathroom and dining manners remain the same. With the ecstatic toilet-themed dining, the restaurant offers a unique experience to the visitors. You get to sit on the toilet seats and enjoy the food with washroom accessories around. What’s even more unique is that the meals here arrive in a toilet bowl-like utensil that adheres to the overall theme.


  • The restaurant boasts the theme with hanging plungers from the ceiling and feces-shaped lights adorning every dining table’s walls.
  • Food and drinks arrive in miniature toilet bowls and urinals, respectively, that adds to the theme.

Final Verdict

While there are several popular restaurants all over the globe, almost every other offers the same dishes and theme. However, some unusual eateries boast unique themes with attractive interiors and mouth-watering foods. While some restaurants provide an arboreal dining experience, the other enhances the senses by keeping the environment non-luminous. Every bizarre restaurant provides a memorable dining experience to all the foodies out there. Some popular unusual restaurants like O.NOIR, Modern Toilet, and Ithaa remain unmatchable in their quest to provide extraordinary services.

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