Letting out rental properties is a great way for homeowners to boost their earnings and make a passive income. However, you need to make sure your property is up to scratch before you can even think about renting it out to paying tenants. Here are a few home improvements that will help keep your tenants happy and enable you to raise your rent.

Service Your Boiler

It is a good idea to keep your boiler in good condition if you want to reduce costs in the long run. One of the most basic ways to ensure your boiler runs efficiently is to book an annual service. A service will include necessary safety checks and a full inspection of your system. After the service is complete, the engineer will advise you on any issues that need to be addressed. Besides your annual service, you can also improve the efficiency of your boiler throughout the year by bleeding your radiators, cleaning your system, and checking the boiler pressure. By performing simple maintenance checks, you can help keep your property at an optimum temperature while reducing energy bills at the same time.

Insulate The Property

Cold spots and draughts are two common reasons for complaints of unhappy tenants. Besides maintaining your boiler, you can keep the temperature of your property just right with good insulation. A well-insulated home can keep the heat out in the summer and the warmth in during the colder months, which means energy bills are more likely to be stable throughout the year. You can insulate your property by installing double or triple glazed windows and doors and insulating your walls and floors. Sturdy, heavy doors can also help keep rooms insulated. In addition, use radiator reflector panels to decrease heat loss, wrap exposed pipes in foam tubing, and provide tenants with draught excluders which they can use when the weather gets extra cold.

Improve The Exterior

First impressions count when it comes to property viewings, so make sure the exterior of your house makes a good impression. From installing a secure front door and sprucing up the porch area to trimming the grass and cleaning the windows, there are many ways you can boost your curb appeal.

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is one of the key rooms of any home. Not only is this room used for cooking meals throughout the day, but it also doubles as a room for entertaining for many households. A great way to revamp the kitchen without going all out is by upgrading the countertops, adding a new backsplash, and replacing old fixtures. You can also upgrade certain appliances to help modernize the kitchen.

Redo The Floor

A floor that looks run down can make any room in the house look old and tired. Swap your flooring to a low-maintenance alternative instead, such as hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring can be easily maintained by tenants. Just make sure you leave a mop and brush at the property for them to use.

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