Farmhouse furniture was a great hit in 2021 thanks to its timeless style, functionality, and use of easily available materials. It will remain popular in 2022, thanks to its emphasis on natural materials, repurposing, and high-quality craftsmanship.

Looking to incorporate the farmhouse look into your decor this year? Try out styles such as rattan accent chairs, stools, baskets, and more. Below are 2022’s top farmhouse furniture trends to guide your decorating efforts.

Handmade Furniture

Custom farmhouse furniture is on-trend in 2022 as decorators look to blend natural materials with modern decor. Hardwoods such as walnut, oak, mahogany, birch, and others will be the woods of choice for custom furniture makers. This is due to their durability, natural beauty, and ability to blend in with most decor schemes.

The most popular farmhouse furniture options for 2022 will be custom-made, well finished, and exhibit a rustic, weathered look.

Antique Pieces

Antique farmhouse furniture is another trend to watch in 2022. Homeowners and decorators prefer antiques for several reasons:

  • Most importantly, antique farmhouse furniture is of higher quality because it is usually made from hardwood. Hardwood is superior in terms of quality and appeal.
  • Secondly, antique furniture is durable because it is made from high-strength natural woods.
  • Finally, antique farmhouse furniture adds a touch of sophistication and class to your home.

Old Meets New

Another popular farmhouse furniture trend for 2022 will be the mixing of old and new furniture. This trend will appeal to decorators who wish to blend the old and the new for several reasons including;

  • Inheriting items that have sentimental value from family and friends
  • Decorating on a budget
  • Wanting to attain a specific look

Mixing old and new farmhouse furniture should be done properly to avoid having a room that looks disorganized. To blend old and new furniture successfully, decorators will need to;

  • Limit color schemes and only buy items in colors that complement each other
  • Pay attention to scale by placing smaller objects next to larger ones
  • Pick a room theme that effectively marries farmhouse furniture pieces from different periods

Recycled & Repurposed Furniture

Farmhouse furniture trends for 2022 will see a return to antique repurposing and recycling for several reasons:

  • Repurposing farmhouse furniture is a great way to give it a new lease on life.
  • Repurposing creates unique furniture
  • It is cheaper than purchasing new furniture items and is ideal for decorators who are on a tight budget.
  • Environmentally conscious decorators can protect the environment by reusing and recycling furniture that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Authentic Items Instead Of Faux

Authentic, unique, and handmade items are back in vogue in 2022. Customers will move away from mass-produced, cheap, and faux items and spend more on original and, preferably, handmade items. These are furniture items that are more impactful as regards their richness, uniqueness, and aesthetic value.

2022 trends show that farmhouse furniture will remain popular thanks to its simplicity and functionality. Customers will pay more for authentic, handmade pieces and vintage furniture will continue to be in high demand.

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