The pseudonymity of Bitcoin might result in privacy issues amongst active Bitcoin users, as the transactions can link to the user’s identity via a wide range of blockchain de-anonymization processes. That is why most people who use Bitcoin often wish to mix the coins with Bitcoin tumblers or mixers.

This article will delve into all the different types of Bitcoin mixers and why you should be using them. You will also learn about the best five Bitcoin mixers and choose the one that works best for you.

Understanding The Bitcoin Mixers

The Bitcoin mixers are a service that enables you to anonymize Bitcoin transactions by mixing them with the dealings with other Bitcoin. And this makes it simply challenging for any person to keep track of the Bitcoin source and journey, thereby providing the user with complete privacy. Else there might be user identity theft and other crimes as well.

You will come across two kinds of Bitcoin mixers: decentralized and centralized mixers. Knowing what both are and stands for are crucial.

  1. Centralized Mixers: A single entity operates it. On the other hand, the distributed user networks will serve the decentralized Bitcoin mixers. And both kinds of mixers come with their set of benefits. The centralized mixers are usually much easier to use and come with more features than the decentralized mixers. They can get vulnerable to censorship and attack.
  2. Decentralized Mixers: On the other hand, it is way more resistant to censorship and attacks, but they can be challenging to use. The fact is both the decentralized and centralized mixers can enable you to secure privacy while making use of Bitcoin.

Which crypto mixer is ideal for you? It all depends on your preferences and needs. There are several benefits of using a tumbler. They are:

    • It enables you to maximize transactional anonymity and privacy.
    • It allows you to keep Bitcoin safe from hackers and thieves.

The best five Bitcoin mixers that you can opt in for are:

1. is one mixing service that can enable CoinJoin technology to blend transactions with various others in the pool. It can assist Bitcoin transactions, and it can support Litecoin, Ethereum, and Tether transactions as well. One of the main elements of the service is usability. The service can extend privately for purchasing the goods online and enables them in the countries where the crypto gets limited. And novice crypto users can make use of UniJoin.

Here the maximum amount of BTC you can mix is close to 1000 BTC; that is everything you require. Also, the fee for each mixing function will range from 1% to 3% and gets generated using a decimal number of four digits.

Some of the benefits of UniJoin are as follows:

  • It is simple to use as the entire process gets accomplished in a few steps
  • You can use it for purchasing services and products, concealing the identity
  • The website can incorporate Tor
  • It is also possible to set the transfer delays to obfuscate the crypto data
  • The company will comply with the no-log policy

2. The BlindMixer

The BlindMixerBlindmixer makes use of a specialized process called the “blind signatures” for keeping transactions concealed. It can function as a centralized mixing service as well as a wallet. It can support the Lightning Network transactions. It uses the proprietary coin selection algorithm and assists the lightning transactions. And it also enables the users to transfer cash instantly without any charge to one another. The BlindMixer wallet comes with a single application for Linux and Windows. It uses the SegWit natively and provides a reduced transaction fee entirely out of the box.

3. Sindbad

SindbadIt is yet another reliable Bitcoin mixer you can look at and decide if you wish to use it. The mixer is simple to use, and it’s completely secure. And it is a relatively new entrant to the list and gaining popularity to a considerable extent. Here, the interface is perceptive and provides various features that maximize anonymity. It can comprise assistance for TOR and the capacity for customizing the mixing. There are zero logs or IP addresses that get sorted either. It can support queries and is highly responsive. The assistance service can get contacted through email or Telegram.

4. Mixer. Money

Mixer. MoneyIt’s one of the well-known Bitcoin blenders, which divides the funds it receives from one user into small parts and then blends in with other clients. The platform also uses two combination algorithms to anonymize the users’ transactions and will delete every data used in those transactions after every 48 hours. And that way, you can get the untraceable coins in the new address in small payments.

You don’t need any registration to use this Bitcoin cleaner as a Bitcoin user. The entire coin-mixing process can take six hours and sometimes more. All the services will support transactions ranging from 0.003 BTC to about 50 BTC. That aside, it can charge almost 4% to 5% for every transaction and a small fee for every output address. This mixer is also compatible with TOR.

5. Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi WalletSimply put, the Wasabi Wallet is a famous Bitcoin wallet that comprises the CoinJoin mixer. The website’s servers are technically centralized; it has been designed rather cleverly for the operator not be able to de-anonymize the users and steal the funds. Additionally, the service provides a decent user interface that outlines the coins that can get mixed and those that aren’t.

These are the best five Bitcoin mixing services you can check out when you opt-in for Bitcoin transactions. Choose the one that will cater to your requirements. There is no grace in making your transactions vulnerable by not selecting a tumbler that can conceal your identity. Don’t let the hackers ruin your peace of mind. Safeguard yourself against them. A simple step from your side can prevent hackers from stealing your money. What are you waiting for? Try out these mixers today and benefit along the way.

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