If you thought that a yard is required for gardening, then you are completely mistaken. Modern households are slowly shifting to apartments courtesy of the rising price of land. In such a backdrop, every family can’t own a back or front yard where they can take up gardening. Modern families are executing their creative prowess to set up beautiful gardens on their terraces or balconies. Today we are going to share some tips which can help in getting the terrace garden of your dreams.

  • The first step of creating a terrace garden is deciding on its layout. Here you can decide amongst using planters for growing plants or covering the whole surface area with soil. It becomes imperative to waterproof the terrace surface if you are thinking of going ahead with the second option. This is done to avoid all chances of leakage. You won’t have to put in any extra effort if you choose to use planters. While you can opt for cement or earthen pots to set up a beautiful mini garden on your terrace, it is always advisable to install grow stations or use grow bags if you wish to cultivate fruits and vegetables on the terrace. Direct light is not preferable for most plants during the summer months which is why a shed is required during this time. However, adequate sunlight should reach all the corners of your terrace.
  • Now that you have decided on the layout of the terrace garden, it is time to choose the plants. You can take your pick amongst an array of organic veggies and fruits, shrubs, herbs, and flowers. The ultimate selection will be determined by your available area. Some popular choices of home gardeners are natural air purifiers like Areca palm, Money plant, Jamia, Spyder pant, White pathos, and immunity boosters like Aloe vera.
  • The ultimate yield of your terrace garden will be determined by the kind of soil you choose in the first place. As a rule of thumb, you should stick to soil having adequate levels of nutrients and moisture. It is best if you can get fresh soil having the correct amount of vermicompost and organic manure. Aged or organic manure can cater to all the nutrient requirements of the plant and are thus perfect for gardening. Often it becomes necessary to add some organic pesticides to the soil for avoiding infestation of pests. Home gardeners can also choose amongst different readymade soil mixes available in nurseries or online stores. Heavy rains are infamous for washing away all essential nutrients from the soil. This is why you should make it a habit of adding compost every week for adhering to the nutrient requirements of the soil.
  • The water requirements might vary from one plant to another. It is also dependent to a great extent on the season. This is why you need to properly monitor the water requirement. Summer months require watering the plants around 1-2 times a day. You can reduce this to every alternate day during the winter months. The watering interval during monsoons depends on the shower frequency. You can check the topsoil and rewater if it appears dry. Often over-watering causes root decay and so it becomes imperative to understand the necessities of different plants. Getting rid of weeds is also advisable every week as it can disrupt the normal growth of plants.

Final Words

Gardening can be a great pastime for warding off both stress and anxiety. However, just setting up a terrace garden isn’t enough. You need to maintain the same by scheduling appointments with pest control Schertz which can guarantee a rodent and insect-free environment.

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