What is a Home Entertainment Center? The answer to this question is not easy enough. The fact is that each person has their own preferences in this matter, and it is not so easy to come to a common denominator even within the same family. Thus, parents and their children of different ages, as a rule, have radically different interests. The kid prefers to spend time surrounded by their toys, the teenager wants all kinds of gadgets and game consoles, and the older one is fond of organizing parties and filming TikToks. As for the parents, they will be more satisfied with relaxing in a sauna or swimming pool, listening to high-quality music and watching films while sitting on high-quality furniture such as provided by Homey Design Store.

Today the tasks of ensuring comfort and coziness in the house, to a certain extent, can be taken over by the “smart home” systems. As it was before? The maid, who thoroughly studied the tastes and whims of the owners, served tea and coffee on time, received guests who arrived at the house, heated the fireplace, turned on music and films, and shuttered the windows. Now all these operations, and not only these, can be successfully performed by an automated system implemented according to the “smart home” concept.

In large houses and cottages, as a rule, there are many electronic devices, light sources, and household appliances. Operating all this requires some effort.

For all the advantages that a smart home provides, many people do not trust this system, considering it too complex and unreliable. This is a fundamentally erroneous opinion – experienced specialists are engaged in the installation of the system, and the owners only need to master the control panel, which is quite easy to do. As for the reliability of the system, it can malfunction only as a result of significant fluctuations in the power grid. Components in modern electronic devices are extremely sensitive to voltage surges. This problem can be solved quite simply by installing surge protectors at home, which make it possible to equalize the voltage in the network. Of course, this will require additional costs, but they cannot be compared with the costs required to repair expensive and complex smart home systems.

What is meant by a home entertainment center? First of all, this is a fairly spacious room. A room with an area of ​​at least 320 square feet is suitable for a personal cinema. If you have the opportunity to allocate a more spacious room for an entertainment center, you can equip it with a dance floor, a bar counter, a small stage – in a word, you can place everything you need there for all kinds of entertainment events and noisy parties. The presence of musical instruments and the ability to play them will make it possible to arrange home concerts with family and friends, and high-quality acoustics equipment will allow you to watch films, football matches, concerts of world-famous celebrities in blu-ray quality, while creating the feeling of a real presence on event. The cable TV line and satellite will allow viewing thousands of channels from various TV companies around the world.

For avid gamers, here you can install a game console and play your favorite team arcade games and online shooters on a huge screen. Well, if all this is done on a screen with three-dimensional resolution – the delight is simply indescribable!

And that’s not all the possibilities! So, you can install a small device similar to a hard drive, and upload any information to the system. In this case, the device is paired with all the equipment available in the house. The huge capacity of the hard drive allows you to download, save and play a large amount of video and audio content.

An extremely important and convenient factor is that all audio and video devices in the house are connected to a single network with the equipment that is installed in the entertainment center. This avoids duplication of receivers, playback devices, tuners, antennas, storage devices. In any of the premises of the house, it is enough to install only sound speakers and a small display, and use all the information contained on the hard drive of the entertainment center. Moreover, each of the users can display different content for themselves at the same time.

The above system is called multi-room, and in addition to the basic functions, it can perform many more useful functions. The system can be programmed to open the curtains, turn on music and lights at the appointed time.

Now let’s return to the premises of your entertainment center. For example, you want to watch a movie. To do this, you need a remote display that looks like a tablet. In addition, if you have special chairs for the cinema, you can use the remote control built into the armrests of the chairs. On the display of the remote control, you have access to the menu, in which you should select the sub-item “cinema”. At the same time, the light in the hall will begin to fade out, excluding only the soft illumination of the bar. A list of movies available to you will appear in the menu, by selecting one of which you will start watching it.

On the universal display of the control panel, you can see information from security cameras installed around the perimeter of your house or, for example, intercom, allowing family members on different floors of the house to communicate with each other. In short, the numerous functions of the system are aimed at creating the maximum level of comfort and convenience.

Do I Need It?

By making the appropriate investment in setting up your home entertainment center, you will provide yourself and your loved ones with an amazing atmosphere of immersion in the magical world of cinema, music, virtual reality, and mesmerizing games. Full immersion in the atmosphere of enchanting music, cinematic dreams and entertaining adventures will provide you with a full rest and enjoyment, apart from the annoying everyday life.

The Perfect Location

Before you start arranging an entertainment center, you need to decide on the location of the home theater and the size of the equipment. You also need to provide high-quality sound insulation and lighting. An important element in the arrangement of an entertainment center is the design of the cinema and its furnishing. Technical equipment should be convenient to use and provide the most comfortable rest.

The home entertainment center provides comfortable relaxation and fun entertainment. You can place a home theater on any floor. But it is necessary to provide good sound insulation. The most rational way is to locate the entertainment center far away from the bedrooms. To do this, you can choose a separate wing of the house. A room that has no windows is best. Such a room will provide good system acoustics.

The home theater area must be at least 260 square feet. The ideal option would be a room with an area of ​​500-600 square feet. In such a room, you can place multifunctional equipment. The room should be closed like a box. The room should have the shape of a square, rectangle or trapezoid, but the broken shape of the room will be inconvenient to use. It is also not recommended to equip a cinema in a room that serves for other purposes, for example, in a living room. A room with different ceiling heights is not suitable for setting up a cinema. In such a room, a double-height space is created.

Depending on the size of the screen, you need to calculate the distance to the first row of seats. Subsequent rows are set slightly higher than the previous ones. For example, 6 inches taller. The main condition for the installation of seats is convenience and a good view for the audience.

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