Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, chances are pretty good that you are familiar with the growing popularity of cannabis within the mainstream. Once seen as something overtly used by the counterculture and downright illegal, the last decade or so of laws and opinion within the United States has shifted dramatically. Now the constantly widening demographic of cannabis users are able to easily buy cheap weed online from a number of reputable vendors, something which would be unimaginable if you took even a small step back in time.

These days, it is just as likely that a highly successful businessman or woman is a recreational smoker as it is expected that a young artist uses it to get the creative juices flowing or something with a chronic illness uses it for pain relief and to ease stress.

The simple truth is that cannabis has an incredible number of mental and physical health benefits and far fewer potential side effects, primarily when used safely and responsibly.

For that reason, you may have thought to yourself that now is the time to start diving into the world of cannabis. However, it can be a big task as there is so much information and factors to consider before taking your first drag of vape carts, pulling off a joint or nibble of a THC-infused edible.

For that reason, we have decided to break down three cannabis strains that beginners can familiarize themselves with to get started on this exciting journey.

Before we do that, however, let’s break down the basics of how different cannabis plants are categorized.

How Is Cannabis Categorized?

If you have read even a bit of the world of cannabis, you have probably seen three words that you probably don’t yet understand. Those three words are Indica – which initially come from the Hindu Kush mountains in India – and tend to have a mellower and relaxing effect on the user; Sativa is categorized as having a more energizing impact; and a Hybrid, which is a combination of the two.

With that being said, how a type of cannabis affects a person depends on many different circumstances. So, you should not be concerned if an Indica makes you feel energized and creative or if a Sativa tends to slow you down and make you feel like you want to tuck into bed and listen to your favourite mellow jams.

So, while these categories do tend to remain pretty consistent across the board, there is a possibility that they will be reversed or non-consistent with you! If the broad categories of cannabis can prove to sometimes be pretty inconsistent, that may have you wondering if the strains of cannabis also can be somewhat unpredictable.

Not exactly.

While some strains are indeed more of an advertising tool than a real way to make sure that you are getting the same experience every time you buy a specific strain, there are – overall – pretty strong consistencies among a product sold under a particular strain’s name. That is, of course, most prominently the case when you are making a case to buy the product from a well-regarded and professional distributor.

While it used to be a matter of trust between a buyer and an independent supplier, customers can now go from legal dispensary to legal dispensary to compare product diversity, quality, prices, and so much more!

How To Choose A Strain

The truth is, if you are simply starting out smoking, vaping or consuming cannabis in some other way for pure enjoyment and curiosity, there is no major deciding factor other than what you think you want to experience. If you are speaking with a professional at a dispensary, you can even tell them what kind of high you are looking to enjoy, and they will be able to give you a handful of options to choose from.

With that being said, if you are interested in consuming cannabis for a specific reason – let’s say for pain relief from a past injury or chronic health issue, or to reduce stress or to be able to fall asleep, you may want to begin your search by speaking with your primary care doctor and go from there. While talking about cannabis with medical doctors used to be somewhat taboo, it is now something that doctors across the field of medicine are familiar with.

In fact, many doctors are committed solely to researching the concrete medicinal benefits of cannabis.

Three Strains To Try If You Are New To Cannabis

Well, here we are. Now you know about the three different overarching categories of cannabis and how to make some preliminary decisions about what strains you should use. We can finally get into the three strains that may be the best for you to try upon your early days of consuming cannabis.

Remember, there are so many different kinds of strains, and they all will render an enjoyable sensation for you and your family and friends who try them. There’s no way to go wrong! But here are three that can help you go right from the very start.

Purple Kush

One of the most iconic strains for cannabis smokers, Purple Kush, will induce a natural feeling of bliss and help you feel happy, relaxed and even a bit sleepy. It is often used to reduce muscle spasms and reduce chronic pain. This is a great strain to take when looking to have a mellow night or even want to get to bed.

Sour Diesel

Another classic strain that is going to yield basically the opposite effect of Purple. Sour Diesel is known for offering a burst of productive creativity and energy for the user. Beyond that, it is known to provide pain relief for users.

White Widow

Finally, White Widow is something of a combination. White Widow will allow you to feel both energized and creative while also relaxing both your body and your mind. From there, you can decide whether you want to get to work or simply sit back and watch one of your all-time favourite films!

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