Are you planning a remodeling project anytime soon?

Well, it doesn’t matter if you want to refloor your house or just need a simple windows replacement Edmonton, you need to do some prep work. Following, we are going to explain a few important things you better get your mind around before you start any work.

The Reason

Start with getting a clear idea of what you want from this extension. Do you want to add some extreme room or more value to your house?

Consider your vision before brainstorming any ideas. Think about what do you need in your house right now, and how can you work with your current space. An extension doesn’t only mean adding more space to your home, it also gives you the chance to remodel the current one. So, have a clear mindset about what you are going to do before taking any action.


Once you have laid out your plan, you need to get permission for an extension. So, hold on to any action because if you don’t talk to your local authorities before starting, you might as well get into legal trouble. Take your time, draft your application and submit your case.

Once again, you need careful planning and excellent prep work to succeed. There are some building regulations you have to follow, so obtain this information at the very start and keep yourself out of trouble. Take care of all the legal requirements before you start construction/extension.

Talk To Professional

Depending on the project, it’s better to speak with a contractor/architect. Doing this will help you get a better end-product (for your investment). Once you have all the legal work taken care of, speak to a professional and explain your vision to them.

Get their advice on your current space and possible challenges, and how they will affect things. Speaking with the architect helps you get a proper idea of what you should do, how much it will cost, and how much time it will probably take to complete.

Apart from that, they will keep the whole thing from falling apart, and might even get you acquitted with important contacts who can take care of certain technical aspects of the project. In short, finding the right contractor will save you from a lot of headache/heartache.

Your Budget

Honestly, you consider it during the planning stage. Different factors including size, location, and the end product will have a big impact on this. Any typical extension project will cost you anywhere between 1-2k per square ft. the quality standard also impacts the final cost.

So, do your homework, and several quotes before you start. It might seem unnecessary if you need simple repair or windows replacement Edmonton, but not for a big remodeling project.  We will just end this point by saying, don’t spend any money you don’t have, especially during the pandemic. If you have some savings in your account, consider yourself lucky and hold on the remodeling for a while.


Ask around your neighbors, and the local community, most people discard this, only to end up regretting it.  People who live around you, probably your next-door neighbors will be disturbed by any remodeling project. So, it will be better if you give them a heads-up, and see if they got any objections.

Speaking up with your neighbors will get rid of several potential disruptions down the line. These issues can be anything from a simple argument to a legal obstruction. Therefore, you better deal with it beforehand. You can’t surprise your neighbors with some heavy wheelers down the street, giving them a heads-up will make things easy for everyone.

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