While the end of the pandemic was in sight, with the return to physical shows, Fashion Weeks were interrupted by the war in Ukraine, putting an end to any festive atmosphere. Conceived to mark a return to business and normality, now fraught with new uncertainties, the collections for autumn-winter 2022/23 were divided between a comfortable and practical wardrobe, with an emphasis on suits, tailoring, and large coats.

1. The Cut In Coats

For several seasons now, sportswear has been on the decline in women’s wardrobes. The trend is accentuated as we emerge from the pandemic. After two years of forced loungewear after lockdown, women want to cut out mesh dress well and feel well dressed. A sensation marked by the return in force of structured clothing. Suits, big jackets and coats, cut in fine, masculine tweeds and wools are ubiquitous. Especially in loose and comfortable volumes, but at the same time elegant.

Women's Fashion Trends2. The Hourglass Jacket

This common thread of tailoring is expressed in particular through the hourglass silhouette, a symbol of femininity par excellence. But this morphology, highly codified especially in the 1950s, has now been modernized with larger shoulders, a narrower waist, and bulging volumes on the sides.

3. Boudoir Spirit

Along with tailoring, important in all the collections, lingerie and a panoply of ultra-feminine pieces in a deluge of tulle and transparencies make a strong comeback.

The bodysuit, the corset, the bustier, the babydoll, as well as the tight Catwoman type jumpsuit seen last summer, are on the rise, not forgetting the bra, which now replaces the brassiere, when it does not spill, clearly visible, in all necklines.

The spasmodic work of the stylists to design new and generous necklines is observed. The set is enhanced by shoes with oversized platforms, which after their incursion for the summer of 2022 are also making their way into the winter wardrobe.

4. The Miniskirt

In this post-pandemic winter of 2022/23, a fresh look, relaxed, and freer, is more important than ever. In this context, the skirt, a symbol of many battles, is further shortened to the limit of the buttocks. It is best worn with thigh-high boots or maxi coats.

5. Wool Stockings

This desire to provoke and play with the limits refers to an attitude of rebellious adolescents, which the designers are trying to seduce. Many collections target a schoolgirl wardrobe, in which knee-high socks, wool stockings, and thigh-high leggings are back in style, as well as wool tights or opaque tights in bright colors to wear tone-on-tone with mini garments.

Women's Fashion6. The Tank Top

Seen on many catwalks, the round neck knitted asymmetrical cut out dress with thick straps is proving to be extremely chic and is without a doubt the essential piece in next winter’s wardrobe.

7. The Head Wrapped In The Garment

This typical aspect of the adolescent, who throws the jacket over his head, leaving it completely covered and integrated into the garment, is explored by several designers. Beyond the nod to younger consumers, we can see in this trend, which is not always the most practical or the most aesthetic, a search for protection. The garment, placed over the head, wraps the entire upper part of the body, taking the shape of a triangle like a tent or an oval.

8. Curly Wool

The theme of protection is also expressed through the volumes, in particular in the very long and flowing coats and cocoon shapes, through the dresses and garments with a fleece effect.

Wool is worked with all kinds of techniques (curling, combing, disheveling), increasingly replacing fine skins, which are prohibited by most houses.

9. Knitwear & T-Shirts

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10. Cardigans & Sweatshirts

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11. A T-Shirt For Every Occasion

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