Your restaurant’s success is defined by a lot of factors and the cleanliness and hygiene of the entire place are one of the most important of those. People can judge the standards of your eatery’s food by how neat and clean the place looks. But, have you ever wondered what portions of your restaurant can help people identify whether or not you keep it clean? Well, there are many, from floors to lights and from crockery to table covers, everything inside a café or eatery can help anyone evaluate the cleanliness of the overall place.

But, probably nothing makes the conditions of your eatery as obvious as its furniture, especially the restaurant chairs. If you are not maintaining and cleaning the chairs properly, your customers are surely going to know about that because an untidy chair can speak volumes on this topic. Of course, maintaining these chairs is very tough because of how frequently they are used.

However, there are a few tricks and guidelines to keep in mind regarding this. Following these tips can tricks can help ensure maximum cleanliness and maintenance of your chairs and can keep them from looking dirty. Below, we are sharing the top tried and tested tips for restaurant chair maintenance and cleanliness that any restaurant staff can easily ensure:

1. Never Underestimate The Importance Of Disinfection

Because they are used regularly, your restaurant chairs can be home to millions and billions of germs, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other invisible particles. While most of these organisms are not visible to the naked eye, they have the power to ruin the thread structure and foam of the chairs before their expiration time.

These chairs, if not disinfected and sanitized regularly, can also become the home to several infections that can ultimately ruin your customer base. It is, therefore, best to keep deeply disinfecting the chairs and tables of your café at regular intervals and ensure sanitizer sprays every other day if possible. So make sure your restaurant has cleaning products in supply at all times.

2. Regular Dusting & Wiping Is A Must

You can never expect the chairs and their covers to look good without making sure that they are cleaned thoroughly every day. The chairs can easily attract dust and dirt overnight and throughout the day when they are being sat on.

Therefore, you must make sure to clean each chair quickly every day before your working hours start. Regular cleaning seems like a bit of a tough commitment, but it can save you a lot of time when you have to deeply clean your chairs after a week or two. Also, regular cleaning of literally any piece of furniture can add to its life and keeps it looking fresh for a long.

3. Treat Stains On A Priority Basis

What would you do if a customer spills a latte or parmesan cheese on a chair? Of course, you’d provide that customer with a replacement chair and would take the dirty one away. But, what would you do after that? Would you let the stain dry and wash the chair after some days or would you prepare a cleaning solution right there and clean the stain quickly?

Well, if your answer to this question is the first statement, then you need to reconsider your practices. The longer you allow the stain to stay, the deeper it penetrates and the lesser its chances of vanishing later.

We always suggest cleaning all the stains on a priority basis no matter how much time it takes. You’d thank yourself for not letting the stain dry to wash it later!

4. Wash The Covers & Clothed Parts Even When It Seems Unnecessary

Sometimes, you might feel like the chairs are clean despite a lot of days have passed since when you last washed and deep cleansed them. In such situations, it seems like the best choice to let the chairs sit as they are, but we urge you never to do that.

Once you know that it is time for the chairs to go through a deep clean process, just do it no matter whether you think it is necessary or not. This keeps the chairs smelling fresh and can also add life to them even when no obvious difference can be seen on their surface.

5. Keep Doing Sturdiness Checks

Always make sure you take care of the chair’s overall strength and durability and keep checking the chairs for their strength regularly. You can do so by removing the chair’s replaceable parts and evaluating the inner skeleton. Check the chair’s frame for rust, cracks, dents, or any other signs of aging. If they look bad, it is best to abandon the chair instead of waiting for it to collapse and cause someone damage before you throw it away.

6. Tighten The Nuts After Some Time

Most of the time, the chairs are made by joining separate parts with the help of nuts and other such tools. We suggest you keep checking these nuts for their tightness and also tighten them if needed after some weeks.

No matter how good you think the chair is, its nuts will get loose after some days considering how many people sit on these chairs and how rashly they are often used.

7. Never Let Them Stay Under The Open Sky Purposelessly

It makes sense to have your chairs placed outside the restaurant when you offer outdoor dining and the weather is fine enough for that kind of eating style too. However, when the chairs are not being used, it is not recommended to keep them outside for no reason. The sun and rain can damage the inner structure and strength of the chairs and can ruin their frames. This leads to the chairs being of no use for you, no matter how expensive or new you think they are.

So, these were some basic tips that we are sure, if followed, can let your restaurant chairs live longer and stay strong enough to host multiple customers with no malfunctioning for a considerable period.

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