Whether you want to purchase a shipping container for storage or build your dream home, many factors should be considered before making your final purchase.

For example, a little rust may not seem like a big deal but can deteriorate and cause a hole over time. You also want to ensure that the condition and grade of your containers match your expectations.

Storage Needs

When shopping for Conex containers for sale in Pennsylvania, it is important to consider what you will use them for. This will help you decide on the size, condition, and price of the container you purchase.

Universal Shipping Containers aren’t just used to transport cargo on the seas – they can also serve as storage for various items. For example, some people repurpose shipping containers into open theaters or restaurants to provide a creative entertainment space for their community.

On a more serious note, shipping containers can store high-value commercial inventory, equipment, and supplies for construction or municipal projects. Storing these items in a secure container on an active job site reduces the risk of theft and vandalism. This will save you money on replacement costs and prevent downtime for your company. Some container models feature double doors that swing out from both ends so that teams can load and unload materials quickly.


The size of a container determines the type and amount of cargo it can hold, making this a major factor for buyers. Whether you’re shopping for a specific container to suit a home-building project or an office space at work, the unit’s dimensions will be crucial.

Shipping containers from Giant Lock Box come in various sizes, from standard 10ft to 40ft units. There are also specialty containers for storing delicate items, like refrigerated or insulated boxes. And then, there are high-cube containers one foot taller than standard units.

It’s important to remember that the ISO allows a little tolerance for some measurements and that measurements are taken on the exterior of the container. So if you want to get an exact measurement, you’ll need to field measure on the actual unit. This is why it’s best to shop with experienced sellers who know the industry well. They can help you find the right container for your unique needs.


Containers are exposed to a lot of wear and tear as they travel across the oceans. A container with dents or holes may need to be repainted. Large dents can also cause structural issues and be unsafe to use.

Buying one in pristine condition is best if you convert your container into a house. This will prevent any rust or dents from affecting your house’s work. Working with a uniform unit in color and shape is also easier. You don’t want to place an order based on photos and receive a container in a worse condition than expected. Be sure to choose a supplier who offers a warranty on container condition and is eager to assist you if your unit arrives damaged.


Shipping containers, cargo containers, ISO containers, and sea cans are used in numerous applications, including storage, workshop spaces, classrooms, food venues, homes, and hotels. They are a flexible solution for creative people with many ideas to create unique projects.

Shipping container prices can vary depending on location, size, and condition. For example, a new container will cost more than a used one. Generally, those on multiple ocean voyages will have a few more scratches and bumps than a less-traveled container.

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