Being available in over 60 countries now, Apple Pay is a key player in the online and mobile payment industry. It has revolutionized mobile payments in a way that makes it hard to compete.

Yet, one of the best things about Apple Pay in particular is that it is so widespread not because an industry decided it to be. It is not something imposed on the users because the merchants find it convenient.

Apple Pay worked its way the other way around and made payments so easy, comfortable, and safe for the end users that it almost feels too good to be true.

Many people today can’t imagine their lives without the ability to pay instantly for products and services online with their phone, laptop, or watch. This is the reason why more and more businesses have started adding Apple Pay as one of their payment methods.

Customers’ obvious loyalty to this payment method makes it a method or choice every time they have an option for choosing, making companies add it and benefit from it. Being loyal to a payment processing operator, users also appreciate the ease of paying for products and services on a platform that allows them to use Apple Pay.

This way, customer loyalty increases for the majority of brands that have Apple Pay.

Payment Quality Does Matter Above All Else

No one will buy low-quality products or services even if the online platform is flawless, the customer support is helpful, and the payment methods are perfect and convenient.

However, if the service and product and decent payment fails the customer, this frustrating situation will only end in one manner. The customer is likely to look for a competitor that will handle their payments in a better way.

Regardless of the industry, smooth payments are a must. Let’s take online entertainment like the gaming industry. Any Apple Pay casino Canada will enjoy more customer loyalty than most older sites that have not yet implemented this payment method.

Generally speaking, the industry of entertainment is especially sensitive and vulnerable to payment issues.

When a customer wants a service or a product of a more common nature, they may feel frustrated if they can’t buy one conveniently from a certain merchant. But high chances are they will find a decent competitor and get what they want from them.

However, video games, mobile games, and even casino games can be characterized as an “irrelevant passion” among the categories of products and services. When a software studio releases a game only available on one platform, a potential player will not be seeking the same game on another platform because they know it is impossible. They can only access the new game they want on a specific website.

If this website doesn’t have the right payment methods or has issues with payments, the customer’s frustration will cause them not only to be upset but lose loyalty to the game developer or game platform in general.

When a player’s needs are not met, the customer loyalty drops immediately and this has a long-term effect as the trust is not easily gained.

The same goes for freemium mobile games that don’t allow you to buy their loot boxes conveniently in an instant, or online casinos that promise you a big bonus but you can’t connect your preferred payment method to the account.

Apple Pay makes these things easier for customers and businesses alike.

Features That Make Apple Pay The Best Choice

There are several specific features that make Apple Pay stand out from the crowd of other payment services:

  • Biometric authentication – users can verify themselves with the app and confirm their payments without memorizing complicated “reliable” passwords of letters and digits that everyone eventually keeps in their notes on the phone and therefore can easily get their accounts hacked. Apple Pay uses fingerprints to perform verification and authentication.
  • Offline payments – one doesn’t have to be online at the moment of making an actual payment. The Apple Pay app will still work and the report of the payment being made will just be delivered to the user after they go online with their device. This prevents payment issues in many locations with weak WiFi or cellular internet, like an underground bar.
  • Wearable integration – users can integrate Apple Pay with their watch and pay even without having to take their smartphone out of their pocket.
  • Paying for transportation and other daily purchases – the beauty of Apple Pay is that it is not only for shopping online or paying for services like Netflix subscription. You can do all that and also pay for your public transport ride or your train ticket. Apple Pay is indeed as versatile as a payment method can be today.

One of the keys to Apple Pay’s success is its partnerships with numerous major banks, financial institutions, and local and international payment processing operators. This way, Apple Pay has added itself to a wide financial ecosystem in a hard-to-beat-competition way. It is being added to many popular e-commerce platforms and apps and is becoming something intuitively comprehensive and therefore a to-go choice.

The level of data protection, speed, convenience, and versatility that Apple Pay offers makes customers loyal to it as a payment method. As a consequence, customers become loyal to brands and services that enable easy and protected payments for them via Apple Pay.

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