If you are a beginner thrower in trying to hit the bullseye, you need a little extra help in choosing the right equipment for your accuracy. Although you don’t have to choose the most expensive equipment, choosing high-quality options is the difference between hitting the board and hitting the wall during your next throw!

The Most Common Types Of Darts For Sale: How Can I Choose The Best One For Me?

Before you can choose the best darts for sale, you need to make sure that you chose the best option for you and your needs. If you’re a beginner, chances are you will be purchasing one type of dart, whereas an advanced user may prefer another type of dart. Just because you choose something different, it doesn’t mean it will be any less effective in your current dart game.

When you are choosing a dart, keep in mind – there is one size fits all option that works for everyone and there is no wrong answer. Just because you like soft tip darts, it doesn’t mean that your dart friend will also like the same type of darts.

Dart Types

Before you can choose the right darts for sale for you, you need to make sure that you know the overview of darts. There are a few main dart types for a house to have in the count when you’re browsing darts for sale, such as wooden, brass, nickel, silver, and tungsten.

  • If you are in competition, using tungsten darts is the norm and the standard. Since the tungsten is durable, long-lasting, and resists any wear on the shaft, it is feasible to use these darts for an entire season. In addition, the barrel of the tungsten dart has a lower profile, making it ideal for throwing accuracy, earning tighter groupings within the dartboard, and keeping the weight of the dart as low as possible.
  • If you choose brass or nickel dart, this will be a less expensive choice than tungsten due to the cheaper metals being used. For an engineer, this can be a good way to transition into the tungsten dart. Although they can wear down quicker due to the less durable exterior, they can be a good option for your wallet as a beginner thrower.

Dart Weights

The second characteristic to take into account when choosing the best darts for sale for you as a beginner is the weight of the dart.

  • The weight of the dart typically ranges from between 10 to 50 grams, with the more expensive options typically being at the lighter end of the weight spectrum. Although some competitions allow darts up to the 50-gram limit, you typically do not see elite throwers using darts that weigh more than 30 grams in competition.
  • For beginners, it is typical to have a mid-weight dart that is easier to throw, since there will be more weight in the dart to control the direction.
  • Professional throwers and elite dart throwers who are in competition typically enjoy using lightweight tungsten darts that avoid bouncing out from the board during throws.

Dart Barrel

The third characteristic that users need to take into account when choosing darts for sale for beginners is the dart barrel grips. Various types of grips will either make it more comfortable to hold, slimmer profile than other options, or be high-grip compared to other choices. The majority of darts either have heavy knurling, which makes it easy to grip, or they are smooth on the barrel. If you choose one with heavy knurling, this makes it easier for beginners to grip the dart, especially if they are new to using slim and low-profile darts. For advanced users, they can have versatility when it comes to choosing the dart barrel, as they can use both sleek and gripped barrels.

Dart Flight

The fourth characteristic that dart throwers need to remember before choosing darts for sale for beginners is the dart flights. There are various types of flights, including surfaces that are super-smooth and other surfaces that have ridges or dimples on them. Although this may not seem like an important matter for your dart, the flight of the end of the dart can significantly impact the direction and the speed of the throw.

If you choose a surface that has ridges and marks on it, it helps to stabilize your throw and potentially improve accuracy – this could be a good choice as a beginner. However, if you use a smooth surface, this can keep the speed fast and help accuracy when it comes to advanced throwers who have precise throwing abilities.

Dart Shafts

The last characteristic to take into account when choosing darts for sale for beginners is the dart shafts. The dart shaft is the main portion of the dart and contains the grip, connecting the tip of the dart with the endpoint. When you are shopping for cars for sale, they come in many different types of materials, such as plastic, aluminum, carbon, and composite.

  • Plastic: The first type of dart shaft is plastic, which is the typical choice for beginners or kid sets when it comes to darts. If you just enjoy using darts in your basement and you don’t want to get better, plastic darts are a good choice for parties and enjoyment.
  • Aluminium: The next option for dart shafts when looking at darts for sale is the solid aluminum shaft, a material that is available in many types of colors and designs. The benefit of using aluminum is its cost-effective nature that is more accurate and durable than plastic. However, aluminum is still not the best option for advanced users, as it can highly vibrate and bend when hitting the board.
  • Carbon Fiber: The next type of dart shaft is carbon fiber, a lightweight and durable option that is long-lasting. The only drawback is they are more expensive than other darts for sale.
  • Composite: The final type of dart shaft to choose from when looking at darts for sale is composite shafts, dart shafts that have plastic bases combined with aluminum.


If you are trying to find the best darts for sale for beginners, you used to take certain characters into account before choosing, such as the dart shaft, dart flight, dart barrel grip, dart weight, and much more!

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