If you have been looking for a sports activity that will help to get you into great shape both physically and mentally then it’s probably been driving you crazy trying to figure out which one is best for your individual circumstances. We are very lucky in that we have many different sports and pastimes to choose from here in Australia but if you want something that will provide you with a full body workout and gets the heart pumping and the blood flowing around your body then tennis will always come to the top of the list every single time. It is a sport that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors and it provides a number of health benefits to us all.

If you’re not sure where to begin then contact the people at Evolve Tennis Academy because these individuals have all of the skills and knowledge necessary to teach you about the game and everything that surrounds it. If you’re still a little bit on the fence when it comes to choosing this particular sport then the following are just some of the many health benefits that will be offered to you this year in 2023 and every year from this point onwards.

It Is Great For The Heart

We all need to be doing more aerobic activities to strengthen our hearts and tennis is perfect for this. There is so much involved in the game of tennis like jumping up to make sure that you get the right swing, running up and down the court itself and chasing the ball. This provides you with a kind of high-intensity interval training exercise because your heart gets an opportunity to slow down between serves and then you are running again breathing deeply and getting all of the oxygen flowing throughout your body. All of this contributes to an excellent cardiovascular system and a reduction of diseases that stem from it.

It’s Great For Losing Weight

If you want to learn a new skill but you also want to shed any access weight that you are carrying then the game of tennis is perfect for that. It is entirely possible to burn about 300 calories or more just by playing the game and having fun. There are not many aerobic exercises that allow you to put a smile on your face and burn fat at the same time. Obviously, the game of tennis will help significantly but you also need to adjust your diet to a healthier one if you want to lose the weight that you are carrying and keep it off.

You Get A Better Range Of Motion

Tennis is the perfect game to take up if you’re getting on a little in years because as we get older, our range of motion tends to decrease. By playing the game of tennis and swinging your arms, you’re doing everything that you can to keep your joints lubricated and to build stronger muscles and tendons. It is important however that you warm up properly before any game of tennis so that your risk of injury will be reduced. Try to copy some of the moves that you will be doing on the court before the game and this will help to loosen you up.

You Experience Better Balance

Once again, as we get older we tend to have issues with our balance and in order to play the game of tennis, balance is essential. The fact that you will have a racket in your hand will help your body to keep itself equal at all times when you’re hitting the ball and serving as well. It is important to keep exercising as you get older to create stronger bones and although many people think that exercise runs the risk of certain fractures, the opposite is actually true.

It’s Perfect For Your Immune System

If we take anything away from the pandemic that we are now putting behind us, it was the fact that many of us had a compromised immune system and even though we live in a country that has lots of sunshine, many of us were not getting the essential vitamin D that we need for good immune health. The game of tennis is usually played outdoors in Australia and so you will be getting lots of sun exposure and getting your first share of vitamin D every single day. Obviously, you need to take steps to protect your skin and so make sure that you wear sunscreen if you’re going to be out there for a couple of hours.

One of the other selling pointsthat many people frequently overlook is that tennis is a team sport and so there is always an individual on the other side of the net playing with you. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to improve upon your social interactions and hopefully make many new friends. This is essential if you are to maintain your mental health because we all need to be surrounded by other people as much as possible. The social aspects of the Australian game are incredibly important to many of us so invest some money in a good pair of tennis shoes, get yourself a decent racket and get out there and start to enjoy one of the most popular games throughout Australia and it’s getting more popular every single year.

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