The population of New Zealand is known for their free spirit and love of the healthy outdoors. Living around staggering landscapes offering so many ways to spend free time encourages wellness and adventure. There’s little wonder the nation is used by so many film producers, tapping into its natural beauty.

To ensure good health it is essential that natives are refreshed properly to ensure proper recovery and that they remain hydrated. The country is the seventh highest per capita when it comes to tea drinking, with more and more deciding that matcha is their variety of choice, with the many benefits that it provides, such as the following.

  • First, the basics, for those unaware of what matcha is. It is a traditional green tea that originates from Japan. Those in the Land of the Rising Sun have been enjoying drinking it for hundreds of years, enjoying a taste away from those provided by other teas, along with its bright green colour. But it doesn’t just look attractive. It offers massive health benefits.
  • The tea provides high levels of antioxidants through being rich in catechins. Those antioxidants ensure that harmful radicals that can cause damage to cells and cause chronic disease are stabilised. Including matcha as part of a diet will help the drinker to become healthier and withstand diseases. The liver is a vital organ, and the tea also helps to keep it in good health. Studies have unveiled that drinking matcha is likely to prevent liver disease.
  • It is also widely considered that matcha also increases the functioning of the brain, and who wouldn’t want that as part of their daily lives? Studies and experiments saw those who drank matcha being put up against others who consumed placebo tea. The matcha drinkers came out way in front, thanks in part to the high levels of caffeine found in it. Attention spans, memory and reaction times can all improve when regularly enjoying matcha tea.
  • Another huge benefit which has been found is that matcha drinkers have improved heart conditions. The drinking of green tea relates to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, which can also lessen blood pressure, especially in comparison to those who prefer coffee as their beverage of choice.
  • Matcha has become attractive to many of the younger generation, as it is not only available as a warm drink, but can also be enjoyed cold, as well as being used to make smoothies and trendy desserts. The creamy frothy flavour enamours those trying it for the first time and soon has them hooked.
  • The full-bodied rich creaminess provided by the drink along with a sweet smooth aftertaste and a lingering aromatic finish is one to be savoured. It’s easy to make and can even be enjoyed as a latte with those who whisk it in liquids using a bamboo matcha whisk enter the true traditions of the drink.

Many Kiwis are turning to matcha thanks to its health qualities and fantastic taste experience, with its popularity continuing to grow.

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