We all know that home decor is important. You want your house to be a place that you’re happy and comfortable in, where you can relax after a long day. The problem with this is that there are so many options out there for what type of style you want, or how much money you have to spend on it. It’s hard to find a space in your home that does not have some type of decoration. Whether it is a painting or the color you chose for the walls, every time you see your surroundings it has an impact on your mood and personality. When choosing what to put into your home and how to decorate it, keep in mind that these choices will affect both yourself and those who come into contact with them. Whether we want our homes to be calming or invigorating, there are many ways we can make this happen through simple changes like picking up new paint colors or adding plants around the house. With these small adjustments, we can change the atmosphere of our homes without spending too much money!

Let’s try a bold and bright color this time. The red color is very bold and masculine. Red is the color of love and passion. It can be used in your home to produce a dramatic effect, or as an accent color for smaller items. Red is also the perfect hue to use if you want to create a warm and inviting space that exudes power. In this article, we will consider how red can be used in your home decor so you can make it work for you!

What Is Red?

Red can be any color on the spectrum. It’s usually described as a bright and warm hue, but this depends largely on other factors such as Chroma or brightness (how saturated it is). The more vivid the red, the warmer its undertones will appear. In order to create a feeling of comfort in your home, it’s best to use a red that has warm undertones.

Red Wallpapers

The red wallpaper creates a dramatic effect in the room. Even if you have pink tones, the red accent wall will help to visually balance your space and make it feel more calming. The red color is also perfect for small children’s rooms because of its warm undertones that evoke feelings of comfort and security. Red also looks great on accent walls in living rooms. It creates the best contrast with golden, beige, and brown shades.

Red Furniture

A red chair is a statement piece that will give your room some punch. Red chairs tend to dominate the space, so they should be placed in rooms with high ceilings and open floor plans for the design to not feel too overwhelming. This color also looks good on dining tables because of its strong contrast against white tablecloths or a beige table runner.

Red Flooring

The red color looks good on the flooring because of the fact that it is highly visible. The red color will stand out and draw attention to your space, so make sure you’re not putting any other high-contrast colors in your decor near this hue. Red rugs can be used to accent furnishings or create a new layout for your space.

Red Walls

A red wall is an excellent way of livening up any room, but it’s important you use other colors as well and not just make your whole house this hue because the result could become too much. Accenting walls with red gives off a royal feel to your abode. A red wall can be a good focal point for space but it’s important you don’t overdo it because this hue is highly visible.

Red Bedspreads

Another way to use red in your interior design is with bed linens and blankets, such as the coverlet or duvet on your mattress. The color will pop off when using as a bedspread and can also match with the red on your walls or other colors in your room. Red cushions with a white sofa look fabulous and create a designer-inspired look in the room.

Red As Mates Under The Furniture

Another way to use red in your interior design is with rugs, such as the runner or area rugs under a coffee table. The color will stand out on these mats and can make for an interesting focal point if you’re using white furniture like couches or chairs. Rugs are also great because they add warmth to any room while hiding the floor imperfections.

Red With Mixed Patterns

Red is the color that looks good with any pattern from modern to traditional. Red is both contemporary and vintage. It is the color of royals and was a huge interior trend in the ancient times. It would look great with a contemporary white and gold pattern or a vintage one.

Red In Splashes

Adding red into your home decor is as simple as using it for splashes of color, especially when you have other neutral colors going on like browns and whites. This will be an easy way to add some pizazz without going for too much red.

Mixing Textures, Colors & Fabrics

If you want your dream place to be a little more eclectic or if you have kids, then red is the way to go! You can mix different textures with this color by adding fluffy throws alongside textured rugs or rough wood furniture. With colors, keep in mind that red works well with the neutral and gold. Fabrics would be great in red as well, especially if you’re adding a patterned one that has some gold and white.

Adding Red To Your Decor: Keep It Clean

One of the things with red is that keeping it clean isn’t always easy because this color can really show dirt easily. If you have light colored furniture or walls and red upholstery or rugs, it will show even more. Always clean your red upholstery and carpets regularly to keep them looking great!

A Few Red Pieces You Can’t Live Without:

  • Red accent pillows for giving any space a warm, cozy feel.
  • Huge or small red rugs can give the room an instant lift.
  • Red easy chair.
  • Red vases and bowls.
  • Red area rug for an instant pop of color in a space.

Adding red to your decor doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money, just put some thought into the whole process!

Wrapping up

Red is a great color to use in your home because it can be used in so many different ways. Whether you want to add red accents or go all out with red walls and furniture, the possibilities are endless! Looking for a rug to pair up with your home theme, here at Rugknots you can find easily within the comfort of your home. Our customer support will always help you to choose the best size and quality for your dream abode.

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