There are numerous car clubs on the West Coast, with many of these having chapters and followings across America. Rally’s and events take place over entire weeks, with thousands attending.

Their presence online is significant and growing all the time, and with this growth, clubs have become a lot more sophisticated. No longer are they simply about petrol heads, garish modifications, and street or drag racing. Things are changing, and it’s not always just about the cars and good times; social enterprise-based clubs or community development type clubs are now increasingly becoming the norm.

Social Upliftment & Car Clubs

No longer is it sufficient to drive around in an exotic, classic, or super car and pay no attention to your surroundings, your communities, and your environment. The passion for cars is the initial drawcard, but with many having very clear joining policies and criteria, it’s become more about networking, community, and giving back to the many areas and aspects in our modern communities that need it most. Fast Lane Drive is one of these new socially minded car clubs. Yes, the cars are still ‘rad,’ and you need to have one to join the club, but most of all, you need a specific type of mindset. It’s more important for the club to recruit members who are driven to make changes to where they live and help those that are in need in their community.

The trend may seem new, and these are touted as car clubs of the future. But if we take a step back and look at the numerous chapters of car and motorcycle clubs that started out as charity chapters, you’d be surprised. So rather than looking at clubs like Fast Lane Drive as the new-fangled, hippy ideas, see them as espousing the original motivation behind hundreds of car and bike chapters out there. Community development. The media and mainstream Hollywood mistakenly pigeonholed many. All petrol heads and car clubs were linked with street racers, fast and furious driving, and ‘Sons of Anarchy’ type drama.

So, the future of car clubs is their past, and it is harking back to the original reasons people came together to start such clubs or chapters.

Passion For Cars

Americans have always had a passion for the motorcar, and this continues and will continue. The car remains the core, so people have to chat and the basis of the discussion that forms the relationship. The car club of the future will still be about cars.

Passion For People

With all the problems we have had recently, the idea that people need other people has become more important. Numerous studies show the importance of spending time with friends and even a conversation with a stranger (about your exotic car) new can be good for your health.  The car club of the future will need to bring people together. Be it through good online content and discussion forums. Technical support and links to a local specialist or niche professional repairs and assistance.

Passion For Where You Live

Local is where you are and where many of us would like to make changes. A fantastic foreign policy is wonderful, but as the saying goes, charity begins at home, and it’s become ever more important to do good where you are. The car club of the future must be able to impact more than just carbon emissions. Rally’s, race days, car sales and auctions, and fun days out are all the perfect opportunities for good. To bring people together and bring about positive change.

The future of car clubs will be to do something positive with other positive people for those who need it most while you have fun, drive fast (on the track) and leave your chapters’ mark on more than just the boulevard tarmac.

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