Following a tough year, there is going to be an adoption of chilled designs that are to die for! Given the growing need to use sustainable materials, the trends this year are going to be wrapped around uniqueness and individuality. There is going to be a lot of reusing old pieces to create a sensational trend. Here are four influential designs that are bound to reinvent interior designs in 2021:

Adaptation Of Rustic Look

You have all heard of rustic interiors before but what does it entail? Well, it defines the ruggedness which comes out from letting natural beauty prevail. A rustic look aims to create a relaxing atmosphere by enhancing organic elements such as stone, wood, and leaves. A rustic appearance lets everything standout on its own without controlling what the curves and lines look like. So, in 2021, there is going to be increased adoption of this trendy look in most living spaces. However, this look will be easier to pull off in homes that already have original floorboards, paneled windows, and exposed beams. Do not throw away your new and modern pieces because for you to achieve this trend, you will require your old and new pieces to create a harmonized look. It is critical to note that it is the reclaimed look that holds the rustic look together.

Yellow & Grey Will Reign

In 2021, the Pantone color of the year is yellow and grey. The two different shades symbolize different elements coming together to showcase resilience and hope. You could use the yellow shade on blankets, throw pillows, and other props in your home. You will need to go easy on the illuminating yellow so that it does not overpower the look that you are trying to achieve. Another way to use 2021 Pantone colors is by designing your living space with antique pottery. You could get the grey ones and have them installed in various places around your home. You could also use this pop of color in your kitchen by painting it grey and procuring yellow mugs and jars to add some freshness to this room. In case you have a large bathroom, you can have it renovated and these colors incorporated to make it trendier. Bath remodeling should be accompanied by the addition of pieces such as grey towels and mats and yellow shower curtains. Blending these colors in your bathroom will give it an edge in case you are looking to sell your property.


What is cottagecore and how do you achieve it? This is a trend that prioritizes creativity, tranquility, and domestic living. It is a great way to adopt sustainable living away from modern stresses. To create this design, you do not need to make a major overhaul in your living space. The trick is to position elements around your home in a thoughtful fashion. Cottage Core is all about simplicity with a few touches of glamour. So, you need to try and achieve a vintage style with statement gold accessories, and gilded cutlery. Most designers will tell you that cottagecore is a cuter version of the traditional Rustic Vogue. Among the things that you must have to achieve this include natural textiles, ambient lighting, comfy chairs, fluffy rugs, and fairy lights. Each element that you pick to design has to be both enveloping and soft!

Classic Traditionalism

In case you didn’t know, trends from the 18th and 19th century and timeless and will be emerging in 2021. You will need to find antiques and other pieces that have a history for you to bring classic traditionalism to life. This trend is all about symmetry which is visible on the classic damasks, courtly stripes, and ornate scrolls. If you are still unable to achieve this look, you need to draw your inspiration from the European décor particularly France and England because that is where these cues are from.


In 2021, interior design trends will be a marriage of the old and new. Now that you cannot incorporate all trends at once, you can choose from a rustic design, cottagecore trend to classic traditionalism, and the use of 2021 Pantone colors. The catch is to get creative and be prepared to shop for antiques and other components that showcase history.

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